Still no Teigan

Hi ladies well ive spent the last 24hrs in hospital and home now really disappointed been having contractions since monday night and they just wont regulate and have more or less stopped altogether cry cry cry im only 1cm dilated so have just been told it looks like it has stopped and was just my body practicing im soo annoyed have asked them to induce me or do something but they wont as their isnt any danger to baba as waters havent gone or anything so im just having to wait again booo feeling sorry for myself now lol looks like i might be having that sweep a week tomorrow after all well i just thought id let you all no what was happening with baby girl Teigan (being a fussy bugger lol) Sophie 38+2 xx


  • Oh so sorry about that Sophie, she is obviously standing her ground and will come when she's ready and not when mummy says so. Good luck and hope all happens soon.
    Em x
  • Oh no! I'm sure she'll come when you're least expecting it now!
  • Oh nooo! I really feel for you! I would be soooo annoyed if the same happened to me. I haven't had any contractions so at least I know nothing's going to happen yet but if I was in your position and kept getting disappointed I'd be so annoyed. Still, you do have some time yet, and the way things have gone I doubt you will go to your due date! xxx

  • Thanks ladies i hope not tigerlily cant stand much more of this lol still will meet baby within at the most 24 days lol Sophie 38+2 xx

  • Look on the bright side hun, this time next week you will have your little girl in your arms! Loving the name by the way, my god daughter is called tiegan(obviously spelt different but pronounced the same)
  • thanks speckle its the only one we both really liked and i can imagine myself shouting it up the garden lol Sophie 38+3 xx

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