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Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if any of you who are planning on breastfeeding have changed to unwired bras. My midwife adviced me too, so bought 2 today. It just feels like they dont support my huge boobs. Got them from M&S and got measured at the same time. So i know there defo right size.

Has any one else elt like they dont give enought support. Or is it something i need to get used to after wearing wired bras for so long?


Kerry xxx


  • I found the M&S ones didn't, I have a mothercare one whichs seems to be supporting nicely and sone sports bras with firm support, I got mine from Peacocks, only ??4 so much cheaper than mat bras, although it depends on size, last time i was a e - ff and couldn't find any thing, this time I'm a c cup image, but theres plenty of choice.
  • Hiya,
    I switched to unwired cos i hope to bf so i thought it was the best thing.
    It did feel a bit weird not having wires and padding after years of wearing underwired and padded bras, am only a b cup tho so support is't too much of an issue, and like Lara i find them really comfy.
    Asda have some really nice non wired and they're only ??4 so it's not too much of a waste i u grow out of them

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  • Hi, I switched to underwired fairly early in pregnancy, & must admit I found it weird at first as have quite big boobs (E cup pre-pregnancy, now G or H) & always wore underwired bras. I've found M&S 'total support' ones better than their maternity ones, as they're more supportive. But don't expect anything sexy - I feel about 90 when I wear them!!
  • Meant to say "switched from" - stupid pregnant brain!
  • I am a G cup so have big boobs too lol. I find sports bras are much more supportive then the normal non-wired kind. I have 1 from bravissimo (a figleaves one I think!) and it's really supportive & you wouldn't tell the difference in support. I think it was ??28 but worth it xxxx
  • I bought mine from Asda as well - bargain at ??4 - they are called firm support and have massive sizes - mine are DD but there were loads in bigger sizes as well - they do look like hammocks of course, but par for the course methinks!!! I found the M&S ok, but didn't give me as much uplift as the Asda ones.
  • Thank you all, Iknow what you mean about the M&S ones. When I tried them on there was no support. So the ones I got today are from Next maternity range. Had it on for a bit now and am starting to get used to it.

    Karen130770, the ones in Asda, do they go up to 38 E?

    Before getting pregnant i was only 36 D!!!! Didnt go this big in last 2 pregnancies.

    Kerry xxx
  • Kerry - the size of some of them could have hoisted up the Titanic! I definitely saw G and double GGs so they obviously make them larger, I guess it depends on individual stores as to what they have in stock at any particular time. At ??4 I'm happy to throw them away with no pain at the end of the pg!
  • I've gone from wired and padded to non wired too, and although I cant deny that they're comfortable I hate them. Unless your prepared to pay stupid prices for them your stuck in really plain "mumsy" bras. I dont feel sexy in them and cannot wait to lose the weight and invest in some pretty, sexy underwear again.
  • I have grown but have only reached D cup. I have gone for sports bras as they are supportive, whereas when I tried on non wired bras I found they didnt give me a rounded look if you get what i mean. I brought one sports bra from house of fraser which is where i got measured for ??26. The others I have brought for about ??5 from tescos. I mentioned to my hubby about whether I should like for some comfy sexy non wired bras, to which his reply was why do they need to be fancy, you dont wear them in bed! lol! xxx
  • Hi,
    Jst thought i'd post to say i found a padded non wired bra in asda today for ??4! Jst thought i'd share it cos don't know bout every1 else but i've been missin the paddin!
  • Thank you for all your replies. Am going to asda tomorrow so I will see what I can find.

    Kerry xxx
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