oh my god ladies you will not belive this. i was awoken at 8 thismorning by my 'friend' texting me about her new puppy. last night she cudnt think of a name for it so i suggested looking at baby names...thing is....shes stolen the name me and me oh have chosen for our baby!!! (mason) ive told her repeatedly for months that we had decided on mason for a boys name and were undecided on a girls name. she text me as if id never heard of the name before, she put he didnt look like a theo so im calling him mason, wot u think? WHAT DO I THINK???? this is a girl who has lost the plot, seriously, a few at work think shes a psyco and i cant belive shes nicked my name! i have my 20wk scan 2mo and for her sake i hope its a girl :x
im just so wound up and i feel betrayed by her, do you think im over reacting? the name mason was really special to us and we wanted it from day 1 and she knew this.


  • Oh how mean!! I dont think you are over reacting at all, what she has done is terrible!! Especially as you were trying to help her out too. I cant believe a 'friend' would let you down so badly like this. It sounds as tho she is jealous of the fact that you are pg and has got the puppu as a substitute baby and then gone one further and stolen your special name. I hope you told her straight exactly what you think of her!! Have you told others which name you chose? If so, then make sure you let them all know how she has stabbed you in the back! I would still call the baby Mason if you really like it that much, and just cool things with the 'friend'. Good luck with the scan tomorrow. xx
  • No way, you are not overreacting!

    If you hadnt told her the name you had chosen for a boy then fair dos, but you had told her several times. She has deliberatley picked a name you love for your baby even though she knows you had your heart set on that name if its a boy. And then playing dumb by asking what do you think of it?? Is she for real??

    Sorry, but she doesnt sound like much of a friend to me and i agree with powderpuff that she is probably jealous of you.

    Hope you give her a piece of your mind xx
  • i would call your baby mason anyway if its a boy and never speak to her or see here again.
  • I agree with all the ladies - nutter and totally non-friend behaviour. "Didn't look like a Theo so I'm calling him Mason"... huh??? Drop the fruit-loop! xx
  • shes just text me now saying "i dont remember u telling me, i ve slept since then so no need 2 c your arse over it" WHAT!!! i told her last week in work when she asked if i had a girl name yet, id said yeh then told her what it was and then said, everyone thinks im having a boy and still want mason. id even told her wed be giving it the middle name david after my dad. am fuming wiv her n av just tx back n told her to try n c how i feel bout it and yes, i have seen my arse!!
    the cheek lol xxx
  • what a nutter! shes bonkers..completley bonkers..just keep her away from the baby when he/shes born! Its completley unfair to take a name that she must have known is special to you, I would say go ahead and use the name anyway but do you think it would just remind you of the whole thing?
  • I think Mason is a lovely name for a wee boy but not at all for a puppy. Whats' wrong with Spot or Rover these days ?? There is absolutely no need for her to use that name other than to wind you up. I don't think you're overreacting, it just proves she's clearly bonkers. S x ps. I would still consider naming your baby Mason if it is a boy.
  • I know shes nuts. shes just used sumat against me which happend back in sept, id had a m/c at 12 weeks and there was only her and my mum at work who knew i was pg and about m/c. id recived a few txts from friends from work asking how i was and sorry to hear which was nice but a bit of a shock as id not wanted people at work to know about what happend yet as people mentioning it would upset me. so when i text them asking how they knew, they said this girll (one im mad at now) had told them. when i told her what had been said (by email no arguments or anything) she seen her bum with....ME.....and said shed only told people because she was doing a collection, so i said ok 4get it and was fine.

    shes now just text me saying shes changing the name as she dosnt fancy the shit like i gave her last time

    errrr....wot shit.....id call being given "shit" from someone hasstle, arguments ,threats, fights and he said she said crap that neva even went on. shes bonkers ill agree.

    just text her a 3 page msg now telling her how dare she accuse me of giving her "shit" and using that against me.

    i havent even asked her not to use the name, i just explained that i feel its a bit out of order knowing id chose that name.

    oh wellllllllll i reeeaaaalllly dont need this petty rubbish so im just gona laugh at her and how sad she is


  • I agree with the rest of the girls - she's a nutter!!
    You are far better off without her - has she no feelings or sense of right and wrong - selfish selfish selfish and a nutter thrown in!! I've had a couple of so called 'friends' like that in the past - they are not worth you getting stressed over.
    I like Mason for a boy - think its lovely.

    33 wks
  • so do i its the only name weve thaught of using for a boy as we like it so much thats why it bugged me shes stole it for her smelly dog lol
    thanks 4 the suppourt girls, i thaught i was being a bit daft or hormonal but it did really get to me. oh well ive told her to piss off now image

    tell u what has been an outlet for my hormones....the tv....ive been sooooooooooo irritated by the safestyle uk advert with that bloke and his buy 1 get 1 free windows!!!???!!! ive been shouting at him everytime hes on lol then i think what ive just done n cant help but snigger at myself
    daft i know!
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