F.A.O .Del.

Hi Del..
Feel free to relist your ebay item!! lol
Sharon xx


  • oke doke...will get onto it after....how much would you be willing to pay and i could put a buy it now price on if you like?? or could just relist it as normal and see if i get any bidders this time ggggrrrrr. I would have personally liked ??15 (and i only say that as one of the dresses alone was ??45 and Mia wore it once for about 3 hours lol!) for the whole lot but understand if you think that is too much ... i know ebay is a bargain place so i dont mind. x
  • Hey, yeah that price is fine for me, if you put it on buy it now, i will buy it 2nite!, Unless you would rather put it on as normal and see if you get other bidders?
    Sharon x

  • Oke doke i will sort that out later. Having posted a few items of over the last few days i dont think its will cost the originaly postage cost so will knock that down aswell.

    I am having a little sort out again later so there may even be a few more items in there aswell for you.

  • Awww fabby!
    Ill check it and see if its on
    Sharon x

  • right its on there....

    i know its not much but ive also donated 10% of to breast cancer.

  • wow that was quick!! im guessing that was you that bought them!! lol.

    I will get abox sorted tomorrow and have them in the post to you by thursday if thats ok?....we have baby group on thursdays and its right next to the post office!! how lazy am i!!

    Thanks xx
  • Hi
    Yes that was me!! lol

    Im on the ball hehe. Aye Thu is fine, not probs!

    Thank yooo xx

  • Little update.....all packed and ready to go!! Will post tomorrow ....hopefully you may have them by saturday image
    Didnt realise how much was actually there lol.....hope you have plenty of wardrobe space lol!!
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