Just wondered if it is safe to paint in pregnancy?

I am 6 weeks today (whoop whoop!) and we have a few rooms I want to get painted, is it safe for me to do this or should I not?

Would it be more advisable to wait until after the all important 12 week mark?!


L xx



  • ummm well i hope it ok cos i've been busy painting the nursery with oh!! we just made sure we had the windows open and didn't over do it! oh climbed the ladder to do round the celing.. i am 26 + 4 now but must admit should have done it earlier when i had more energy!!lol
    carly 26+4
  • ive painted just be carefull and if u use gloss try and use the non toxic or fumes gloss it costs that little bit more but its gud stuff or just leave all your windows open and dont do lots of stretching and take it easy cos u r so early in ur preg and try not to climb cos u can get real dizzy being preg aswell tc hun xx
  • Hmmm...

    That article was very interesting - but I am still no further clued up!!

    Hubby wants me not to do any of it, but this means him doing it all, but he has a very stressful job with long hours and I just kinda think I could have a room done really easily!

    Rarrr, don't really know what to do, but thanks for your replies girls!

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