Oh what a morning

Hi girls

I got on my good ol C2C this morning to Fenchurch street and it stopped at Barking and I felt fine, hen as soon as we started to leave I started to feel over hot again and then get cramps in my belly and started to feel sick, I knew I had to get off the train but it did not stop now till Fenchurch street so I had to make hubby pull the passage alarm thing.

The driver asked if I could make it to Fenchurch street and he said no so he stopped the train at West Ham and I had to get off. I was sooo red faced everybody was looking at me. So sorry for anybody who was delayed his morning as that would be down to me.

K xx


  • BE swallowed my reply so sorry if its turns up!

    Dont worry honey these things happen. The wrost thing is when you start to feel unwell you panic which makes it worse. Ive had it a couple of times.

    Hope you feel better now

    Georgie 20+2 xx
  • Oh sweet - thats terrible, are you ok now?
    Glad your hubby was with you and the driver let you off.
    I got the bus to see a friend the other day as hubby had taken my car and it was packed and i came over all funny. Its not nice.
    Is your train really crowded, maybe take a later one?
    Big hugs,
  • Thanks girls feel a bit sick still but feel fine. I have no idea why this keeps happening. I had a really upset tummy on sunday morning and it still does not feel right so I am thinking it might have been something I have eaten?

    I have been feeling really good so I am a bit P'd that it happened again you know.

    K xx
  • Oh bless you, i used to get that in my 1st pg having to travel on a packed bus every morning in the end the only thing i found that helped was not to eat anything but to just swig water and look out the window, then i'd give my tummy chance to settle and have something to eat at work--usually crackers! i hope this stops for you but if it persists i think it might be prudent you get signed off before you faint away completely hon and end up hurting yourself!!!

  • ahh babes!
    I woudl also say you should see about taking a later train to work if its really busy, your employer should appreciate this may be an issue and help you work around things.
    They sound like they have been prtty good so far.
    26 wks today!!!!
  • Oh hun that's awful. I used to hate getting the train and tube everyday to work, Don't ever worry about pulling the alarm, that's what its there for. Maybe try keeping a bottle of magicool in your bag and always make sure you are sitting down facing the direction you are travelling in. xxx

    Cat 20+2
  • I don't know how pregnant women do the 'london' travelling thing. We went last Saturday to Piccadilly Circus and it wasn't the slightest bit busy (i.e. no probs getting a seat, but I had 3 people with me ready to ask people to move for me!!!) but I was so hot and uncomfortable on there.

    Really feel for you poppet xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks girls, I have been feeling good as well, I did not feel great this weekend and I felt ill last night, woke up and was not 100% so I am wondering if I am coming down with somthing. I think hubby is going to go and get me some vits this evening as I am not taking any and am not eatting very good at the mo.

    On a good note though I collected all the clothes mum and nan bought rose and put them all in her wardrobe there are soo many!!! I will try and get a picture on here though not sure if I can as the picture is on my mobile. I look at that though and it cheers me up.

    K xx
  • I can just imagine the sea of clothes you have!

    I got all mine out yesterday to have a good look - now I cant wait to get a wardrobe so that I can hang them all up!

    Bit of a silly question, but wear do you get baby clothes hangers?!!?
  • Oh bless you, glad you had hubby with you! Hope you feel better, hugs x
  • Thanks Amy image I think you sent me twp pictures last night but I only got the one.

    Mrs Dickson my nan bought some from Tesco's they are soooo cute.

    K xx
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