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hi i had my midwife appointment 2day she didn't really do much as is my first visit but is doing a home visit next week. but she took my blood pressure and said it was quite faint. i am very small but i eat a lot!!! she is going to be making sure i put on the right amount of weight. i had a private scan last week and baby is doing fine. any ideas how i can put on weight?? because i don't think i could eat more than what i already do i basically eat what i want!! i am 5 "1 and 7 stone. she thinks that i will have a small baby cos my frame is so small. i was only 6lb when i was born and so was my sister and we r both small


  • If you're naturally small I wouldn't try to put on weight at all. Did the midwife advise you to try and gain weight? Surely that will happen naturally as the pregnancy progresses? As long as you're eating healthily I'd have thought you should be fine. Sorry, not much help I know! xxxx

  • Hi princessjane im pretty much the same as you 5"1 and 7.5 stone. (was also only 6 pound something when born)I generally eat what i want too but luckily stay small. I wonder if i will have the same problem as you? I would say though don't overeat because you will just feel worse and bloated, maybe eat some extra bread or something as that's quite stodgy but im sure if the baby if fine then its all ok.

    Im sure as you get further along you'll be wondering why you ever worried about putting on extra weight! Also our bodies are good at telling us whether or not we need some more food, especially when pg as i have found lol so if you don't want to eat extra then you probably don't need to!

    good luck and im sure you'll be fine xx
  • thanks girls, no she didn't say i needed to gain weight but she was kinda asking if i was eating properly i told her i ate loads not sure she believed me!! she said shes gonna keep an eye on me to make sure i put on the weight i need to! but really i do eat a lot! i have not put on any weight for years! i do walk dogs a lot but thats it! i try to eat as healthy as i can but i also eat the odd cake.....when i do eat big meals i do get really bloated afterwards which isn't nice so i'm trying to eat little but often instead of a few big meals to try and cut down on the bloating! thanks for ur advice makes me feel better xx
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