Hypsnosis in Pregnancy!!!!

Confession time!!!!

I have been really struggling to give up smoking! I managed to cut right down as my midwife said better to cut down that get totally stressed out and stress baby out.

Thing is since being diagnosed with SPD have started to smoke more through boredom and for the past couple of weeks - smoking has stressed me out!!!! I have worried constantly and had a major inner battle going on.

On Tuesday night I wrote a letter to my OH telling him how I felt coz I have been worried. Anyway, yesterday morning (after a nights work), he said am I serious and he will give up with me. I cried and told him how much I really really wanted to give up. Anyway before this turns into an essay - he said - find a hypnotist and book it!

I found a local one and rang her, she was lovely and spent half an hour on the phone with me telling me all about the process, etc. I felt like she knew what she was talking and I also felt good that she didnt just try pushing me into an appointment.

Result is tomorrow afternoon - am having hynosis.

Has anyone else had this done, did it work? I really need encouragement as I want to do this more than I have ever wanted to do anything before.

Thanks for reading ladies,
Love Lee


  • Hey Lee,

    Sounds fab to me, I haven't had any experience myself but I really hope it works for you.It's great that you dh is supporting you to image

    LEt us know how it goes and what it is like. How are you feeling today? hows the SPD?

  • i had hypnosis over a year ago to stop smoking and i havent touched one since so yes this really does work and i would defo recomend it to anyone good luck hun hope it works for you to xx
  • Thanks for your replies - am getting really excited now.

    Not only am I gonna feel better but it is major money we are gonna be able to save. Well when I say save - I really mean that I can have a shopping frenzy on lol

    Love Lee
  • Hi Lee just wanted to say good luck for tommorow!!! Good on you. I gaveup smoking when i found out i was pregnant.Ihave smoked for18 years and it is really hard. MY oh also smokes which makes it harder but i did think there was no better reason to give up. My oh gave up on new years day he is 38 and smoked since 14 and he has done itwith patches. I am so proud of him. He works on a building site too where a lot of the men smoke. I have allways enjoyed smoking and used to use it as a reward you know do an hours work and have a fag put the kettle on etc.... But now with the smoking ban i just think it is too much hassle to smoke now anyway. People are allways slaggings mokers for health reasons the smell the cost etc. Now you have to go outside everywhere and the non smokers are still moaning. In our local pub there are more people huddled around patio heaters outside than there are inside and most of them are non smokers standing outside with the smokers moaning!!!!!!!! SO now is the very best time to give up babe as it is no longer enjoyable very expensive and you have your little one to think of. BUT you have to come to this desicion yourself and you have so bloodey good for you. To be honest the money we are saving from the two of us not smoking is the difference in my wages and maternity pay so it will really help us out. Im sure it will work tomoro although i have heard you really have to want it to work. Plenty of my clients have tried it and it has worked. SO tomorowwe will be able to welcome you both to the non smokers society and i give you couple of days before you are complaining about the smell of smokers!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it helped me stop becouse i was so sick for first 20 weeks and being pregnant my sense of smell is unbeleivable my oh calls me thefag police cus i can detect it from miles away! AND if you are anything like mei havesubstituted a fag for a chocolate digestive! Im on a packet a day ha ha but i have found asda do a smart price packet for 27p and they are fine!!! Its my way of rewarding myself for getting through a day of pain! Oh my god i am waffling now, good luck let us know how you get on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • My OH, bless him, has been out and bought my a steam cleaner! Now I can sit on and clean all my sofas, carpets, curtains and stuff and get rid of the smell of cigarettes!
    God, am sooo determined to it - thanks everyone, really thought I was gonna get moaned at for leaving it this long to give up but have been smoking since I was 16 and it had petrified me but now I feel ready and my willpower isnt the strongest lol!

    I just keep sitting here thinking bout the benefits of being a non-smoker!

    Love Lee xxxxx
  • ERM NO LEE you cant steam clean everything you have spd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to get someone to help you do it. But bless him they are funny men arnt they . My oh thinks that all these expensive gadgets for doing housework and cooking etc make fantastic presents. But i can allways see where he was coming from.!
  • I think the plan is - I can sit on a chair in the middle of the room and spray jets everywhere lol!
    The thoughts there anyway, he knows that the housework is getting to me! He has tried soooo hard but men just dont notice the things us women do do they! Its funny that he never knew how to use the washing machine we have had for over 1 year until I got SPD! Also, housework = hoovering and thats it! Dusting, cleaning tiles, wiping sides, cleaning oven etc - I think the fairies used to do it lol
  • Ha Ha dont get me wrong my oh is useless it is entirely my fault as we have been together for 8 years and i have looked after himlike a child now i am about to have one of my own ! I wouldnt have it any other way normally buti t is very frustrating when you are to sick to do ityourself . I would love him to offer to do something. My oh has no shame and for past few weeks i have had to swallow my pride and let his mum or my friends come round and clean for me. I have to go out of house me im so embarassed but my oh thinks its great!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Am wondering if I can push my luck and get a dishwasher next!!! Usually am in such a state after dinner there is no chance I can stand and wash up so he has been doing that - maybe when the take-away faze is over can work on that lol

    I can always keep saying - look at the ex-ciggy money piling up, nearly enough for a dishwasher lol

  • Oh my god that will be so easy. Trust me he will soon get pissed off with doing the washing up and the next time he moans about doing washing up you casually drop in the conversation well its a good job we have given up smoking then just in case we need to buy a dishwasher and he will think it was his idea then. That way you havnt asked him for one or even sugested it its a bit like a sub concious thought ha ha bit like hypnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh chick give it a few weeks and you will be arguing over whose turn it is to load it and empty it xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    In less than 4 hours am gonna be a non-smoker - yeah!!!!!!!
  • Good Luck today Lee I really hope it works for you hun image
    Let us know how it goes.

  • lol i gave up just over a year ago a switch in my brain flicked and woke up unables to stand the smell let alone the taste lol good job for lil bear lol i'm looking into hypnotherpaty for childbirth now it helps you deal more naturally with pain image well its ??90 for both oh and me to attend so not sure whether i'll do it alone at ??45 or take him with me lolmight leave him at home as he's useless just like the housework thing i managed to struggle with tidying the bedroom at weekend he eventually came back from work to find me cursing the pain and on my hansd and knees tidying lol when i said we still had kitchen, hall lounge and bathroom to do his reply was we'll do it next weekend and the bathroom is tidy why do we need to do that WTF!!!!!! it hasn't been CLEANED in months because i can't bend to get into the places like bath to clean them looks like my weekend is going to a very painful one while i sit on the side of the bath and try and contort myself into positions left ot an unpregnant me usually lol
    i've had hypnotherapy in past and i felt so relaxed and light after its nice image
    good luck hope it works out
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