Constant headache?

Im 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow and for the last couple of weeks I have had a headache almost every day and 2 migraines where I couldn't move or I was sick and I couldn't cope with any light or sound! For the past 48 hours I have had a headache where it hurts to move my head but its not anything like the migraines I've had.
It feels like I have pressure at the base of my skull and the back of my ears.... I've never had anything like it before, I also have the thumping feeling in my forehead and the sides of my eyes! I really dont want to get into taking paracetamol everyday so have avoided them apart from the 2 migraines I'ves had. I've been using a forehead stick and I've got those cooling pads for your forehead. The forehead stick is good but only for about 10 minutes so Im constantly putting it on!
I've tried drinking more water but Im struggling to get it down as it starts to swish round in my tummy and makes my sick and that makes the headache worse! I feel like I cant win!

I've taken the day off today as I was tosssing and turing all night so when my alarm went off this morning the headache was back and my whole body especially legs were really achey! My DH says I should ring my MW but I know she'll just say drink more so you dont get dehydrated and take paracetamol which I really dont want to get into the habit of doing!

Has anyone got any advice or also suffering?


  • hiya, could you have high blood pressure? I reallly think you need to see a doctor. You should never just ignore something in pregnancy even if you normally would. If you are ill then there are plenty of drugs that are safe to take in pregnancy, I have just been to the doctor myself yesterday as i just found out i am pregnant for the second time and am on 3 different antibiotics which are all fine to take.
    What have you got to loose by going to a doctor? if they cant do anything they cant do anything but if it is serious and you ignore it... i don't want to worry you but think of your baby!
    lots of love and I hope you feel better soon
    Hannah x
  • Thanks for the reply but I wouldn't say I'm ignoring it, I'm asking for advice now and I thought it was quite a common pregnancy thing though so wasn't overly worried really.

    I haven't had my blood pressure checked for a few weeks as not due to see MW again until after my 20 week scan. I'll give her a ring now and see if I can nip into the the surgery and get it checked. Just after I'd written my first post I went into the kitchen to get a drink and a peice of toast but the movement made me really nauseous and I ran upstairs and was sick. I was also sick yesterday morning too but after I'd had some toast felt much better and went into work. I do feel much better now to be honest, the headache is almost gone but I still feel really tired and achey. I think I might just have a bug and its bringing the morning sickness back with it. Haven't had any morning sickness for around 3 weeks for the first 10 weeks was 3-4 times a day! image
  • Hi, ive been suffering with bad migraines and headaches throughout my pregnancy am 31 weeks now and havnt had any for the past couple of weeks, i went to the dr my blood pressure was fine basically they did not know what was causing it, i got referred to an antenatal consultant and all she did was prescribe me more paracetamol - which were not helping at all, eventually my dr prescribed me some co-codamol and i just took them at the first sign of a headache, they were still as frequent at first but not as severe. x
  • It's odd how different gp's think - I was told ibuprofen was an absolute no no!!
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