what wee extra things you taking to hospital??

6 weeks to go so starting to pack hospital bags!! have got all the usual stuff like baby things and toiletries for me,(this is my second) but what other things are you taking? magazines, sweets, juice, photos, waterspray?? etc?? im treating my hospital stay more like a wee holiday this time as i know i have to stay in for 2 days due to group b strep, so at least u can be organised!!



  • Hi Laura

    Did you see the excellent lists on the 'labour bag' post a few days ago - there were about 5 or 6 pages of debate and some really good ideas included. I think Zoey posted the original post.

    I'm a long way off at the moment (13 weeks) so don't have any good suggestions at the moment - I'm a bit clueless as it's my first!

    Good luck with your packing x
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