really paranoid but help!

Ok gonna sound a little loopy but bare with me...

ive just had a drama with my cats, a bird and a sharp piece of glass.

Basically one of our cats came in with a bird (thrush or finch not sure??) she had had a good go at the poor thing and it was bleeding. I chased the cat outside meanwhile treading on a tiny piece of glass - but my God it hurt!!

So pulled it out and it started bleeding so picture it I am hopping around the kitchen trying to get tissue the cat has a bleeding bird in front of me

Now i am 99% sure I didnt put my foot down but now its all calmed down (the bird managed to free itself and fly away) Im in a mad panic that what if i trod on the blood with my cut foot and what if i have caught some disease....See reading this back i sound irrational!

The cut is no more than 5mm and has had savalon and a plaster put on

Does anyone know if I am at risk or am i just loopy?!?!?
Im 6 weeks pregnant and worry about everything!


  • hi mummythomas... to be honest with you I dont have a clue but if you are worried why dont you phone your gp or community mw office or nhs direct they will be able to advise you or put your mind at ease x x x
  • I think you will be fine chick, I know its a very worrying time though. If you are really worried call NHS 24 xxx
  • I think this is a question for the medical profession, as I'm not sure wat can be caught from birds like that. Im sure dr's get cases like this all the time I know something similar happened to my friend (with a dog tho). Im sure everything will be fine but try not to worry to much stress isn't gud for us pregnant women. k x
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