Tears in my eyes!

Hi all

Not sure how many of you read the story about the mother who sadly died (brain damage I think) and then after the Dr's keeping her alive for a bit, gave birth to her baby at 26 weeks.

I am 26+1 today and seeing the little baby brought tears to my eyes. Something like that is inside me! That is what my little Angus is like! Little Aya had a proper little big toe - my Angus has a proper little big toe!!! She weighs just over 2lbs I think and looks very long bless her. Hubby just said she can cry but as she is so premature, there is barely any noise.

I just can't believe we aren't having a baby and there is a little mini us growing inside me. Its amazing.

I feel so sad that Aya's mother will never get to see her grow up. The story is very sad, but if little Aya gets stronger and stronger, it must make the sadness less.

Love Joo xxx


  • Awww,

    That story is soooo sad, but to be honest, your story of your little Angus made me well up too!

    L xx

  • Oh bless you honey, it had me in tears the other day too.
    My firned had her little girl last week at 30 weeks, she's 2lbs4 and it just seems incredible that something so tiny is such a perfectly formed mini version of us!
    C xx
  • Has anyone got a link to a photo? I'd love to see her!
  • i well up every time aswell cos i had my boys at 30 weeks they were both 2 pound and ive got preeclampsia with my baby girl now and im only 22 weeks which is terrifieing cos i cud only get to 28 -30 weeks its just horrible my little boys couldnt even cry theyed make all the expressions but no sound wud come out it broke my heart and tyler wud cry whilst he was on the ventilater but it was so awfull seeing him try to cry with that horrible tube down his throat to be honest it was a relief wen they had to paralise him wen he got sicker cos he didnt try to cry and he wasnt in any pain he was just sound asleep so i cry every time a i see a premmy thats it i cant help it xx
  • that is so sad, you nearly made me cry to. i get so emotional over stories like that. xxx
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