can't get enough of.....

I am 8+5 weeks and normally a chocaholic but this is absurd!
I am half way through the tin of roses and have eaten choc bics, mint viscounts and kitats today.
Is this OK or will it harm the baby?
Anybody else doing this?
Its not like a craving, I just want it you know?
I am eating healthy meals alongside, the choc is just an extra!

Help and advice needed!!

Rachel. xxx


  • hehe, that sounds familiar.
    i couldn't get enough sweets though in the early stages - haribo, jelly babies, especially skittles.... Baby def has a sweet tooth, i don't normally bother with sweets much.
    It's probably not the ideal thing to feed baby, but the doc told me to just go with my cravings as long as it wasn't anything that i shouldn't be eating (pate, blue cheese etc).
    I just made sure that i was taking my vitamins and eating plenty fruit/veg, calcium, protein etc as well.
    I'd say enjoy it while you have a good excuse to eat chocolate guilt free!
  • Hey I know what u mean, I haven't had any serious cravings but I go through stages of 'fancying' things. It was crumpets in the early stages, I would get through a pack of crumpets a day - I got sick of them after a while tho! And I think things you normally like, u love even more when ur pregnant, it's pickled onions for me I was eating them by the jar the other day, stopped when I spilt the vinegar all on my brand new top though grrrrr!

    And Pringles. I ate a whole 'party size' tube the other day (well my mum had about 6!) and have eaten a load today as well. Wish my mum ain't bought them cos she knows I'll eat them all. & dont mention the mince pies.

    I didn't think I'd put on weight but I stepped on the scales yesterday, I've put on 7lbs! (even tho I had lost weight in the early weeks)
    Don't worry about feeling like a pig lol u cant be worse than me!
    20+3 x x x
  • Hello Mrs E,
    In teh the first trimester I ahd a crave for chocolate and ate some when I felt nausea and found it helped!
    I doubt it will harm baby. Dont eat excessive amounts as when reading something the other day it mentioned about intake of caffiene. I hadnt even considered chocolate to be included. I would only be careful if you happen to drink lots of caffiene as well! xxx
  • Hey hey,

    I was told not to eat more than 6 chocolate bars a day as it would exceed the caffiene limit for the day image

    Although I didn't entirely keep to this as I'm a completely chocoholic too lol but my bubba is fine image xx
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