cheeky question - Average weight gain?

Im a bit worried as I have started this journey as a size 16 and prob 3 stone over weight (oopppss ) am 5 weeks in and my chest is huge and I already cant do up my black work trousers (eeeeekkkkk)

I think alot of it may be water at the moment as i suffer with odema really badly in summer and on flights anyway however totally freaked out as I cannot afford to put on much without risking mine or babies health.

Anyway am eating as sensible as possible with cheerios for breakfast, s'which for lunch, meat and veg for dinner but get little or no exercise as my job is sat at a desk from 8am until 7pm each day with about 30mins for lunch.

I just want to know how much on average everyone put on and what I can do to keep eating enough for baby but not to risk our health if that makes sense?

Oh and also what form of exercise besides walking is acceptable?

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  • Hi

    I put on 2 stone when i was pregnant with my lo and was a healthy weight before i fell pregnant. I think they say the average weight gain in pregnancy is between 2 and 2 and half stone.

    I kept healthy snacks in my draw at work such as dried apricots, rice cakes, and sunflower seeds and if i fancied chocolate i would have an options hot chocolate drink, if i still wanted chocolate i would go and get a bar.

    I made sure i ate 3 healthy meals a day but always allowed myself a takeaway once a week (you need to have a treat). I had quite bad sickness up untill i was 18 weeks so i had to eat something every 2 to 3 hours which is why i thought i'd better have some healthy snacks!! Very hard when there was a chocolate vending machine at work.

    Swimming is really good exercise for pregnant woman as you wont over do it, i'm not a big fan though.

  • Hi, I put on 2 stone ish with all 3 babies and ate normally (apart from the cravings!) and didn't do much by way of exercise, except for running around after 1 or 2 kids!
    You don't actually need many more calories while pg, but i'm not sure how many you are supposed to have. As long as you eat sensibly and avoid the forbidden foods you and your baby will be fine.
  • I was a size 14 pre-pregnancy and I have put on just under 2 stone. I think the average weight gain is 2 - 2 1/2 stone. I haven't been watching what I eat, but I've been very lucky as I just haven't seemed to gain that much. I have been exercising though, walking for an hour at least twice a week (although I've stopped now as baby too low and it's painful) and swimming when I can. xxx

  • Hey
    I think they say u shud put on around 2 stone, but everyones diffrent so dont worry about it 2much. try swimming if you want to exercise , dont over do it thou. try to eat as healthy and you should be fine.

  • Hi

    I'm 8+5 and have put on 2lbs so far. Most of which also appears to be on my chest have gone from a 32C to a 34D. I'm hating it as none of my tops fit though hubby seems to be quite happy about it!

    I bought 'My pregancy bible' which has great advice about exercise and weight gain. 1st trimester you should gain between 2 and 4lbs on average and you only need an extra 200 calories a day in your last trimester so definitely no eating for 2!

    As for exercise, depends on what you were doing before. So if you were a regular exerciser keep on doing what you were doing pretty much but make sure you keep below your maximum heart rate. And after about 4 months exercises on your back like sit ups and things you need to find alternatives for.

    I'm hoping to gain no more than 1.5 stone, but we shall see. The book advises what is appropriate given what your weight and height are when you get pregnant.

    hope that helps!
  • Hi!!
    I started this pregnancy at a size 16 too and so far I've put on about 5lbs and I'm 16 weeks.
    I started wearing maternity clothes very ealry though as trousers would not do up!!
    Lydia x
  • I am 33 weeks & have gained 9lbs.......................not bad I thought!!! Knowing my luck, I will put on 2 stone in the next 6 weeks!!! lol
  • I'm going to weigh myself again today but at 33 weeks I'd put on about 20lbs. Was 8st5 and size 8 at the beginning. Am still size 8 maternity clothes - my bump is huge.

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  • I was very fit and a size 12 before falling pregnant. I have been unable to do any exercise due to fairly exerting fulltime work and fairly shitty pregnancy, and think I have put on 3 stone (34+5). Its all bump though and I don't look pregnant from the back, so am hoping it will shift easily.
    Yoga is good and swimming but they are both really boring!!
  • I was a size 6/8 pre-pregnancy (8 stone 5)

    Im now 22+2 and weighing in at 9 stone 10 (19lbs more!!!!)

    Im still fitting in my size 8 jeans (with the help of a hairbobble to keep the button in image

    I was worried about the weight gain but midwife says it fine.

    Chest size - I was a 30G before i fell pregnant and im now a 30H.

    (as if they werent big enough to begin with eh lol)

    Think they must way as stone already haha
  • I meant weigh lol - these hormones must be mushing my brain
  • I have put on 26lbs and i am 27weeks 1day. Not really worried about it to be honest I put 4 stone on with my first and it all went straight away he weighed 9 and a half pounds anyway so that got rid of a chunk.

    I eat healthy so will just have to see what happens. some people are bound to gain more than others.
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