Tuna Pate

Hi All

Sorry, another post from me! But my most favourite lunchtime treat is Tuna Pate and a fresh crusty roll from M&S. I know we can't have pate, but surely fish pate, tuna especially, would be fine wouldn't it? Silly me didn't check the ingredients though...

Joo xxx


  • Hiya

    My midwife said no pate to me - even veg pate! apparently its due to the way its made, not just the contents - do you have the nhs handbook - its got all about it in there!
  • aaaw man!

    *Joo goes off to sulk in a corner and adds tuna pate to her list of foods to eat when the baby is out*

    LOL, I don't mind really, I'd rather be safe, but its a shame nonetheless!

  • Luckily I didn't eat it, I had coronation chicken instead - boy I hope that was ok!!! (checked and the mayo was all OK)

    Thanks girls!!!

  • Yeah, it was a pre-packed packet.
    Blimey, this is rough isn't it!
    Nothing I can do, as I've eaten it now... but will remember in the future, thanks hon!
  • Joo - can you make your own pate? Or pate substitute?

    Tuna pate

    Serves 4


    * 1x198g(7oz) can tuna in brine, drained
    * Juice of 1.2 lemons
    * Large sprig parsley
    * 6 leaves fresh chives
    * 2 drops Tabasco
    * 3 table spoons of fromage frais (low fat soft cheese)
    * Salt and pepper
    * Parsley to garnish

    Put the tuna, lemon juice, herbs and Tabasco into the food processor, blend until smooth.
    Remove the lid; add the fromage frais and salt and pepper, process again for about 6 turns until well mixed.
    Spoon the pate into a serving dish, garnish with parsley and serve. Then eat is straight away!

    It is totally delicious and cheaper than buying. x
  • Cheers Anna, that sounds yumm - well except the tabasco! (hate spicy stuff!)

    I used to make my own Mackerel pate, with creme fraiche and lemon juice, S&P - its delicious!

  • No tabasco! Noooooo!

    Although recently I have totally gone off spicy foods - I used to be a real curry addict but it's all bland wholemeal pittas for me these days. Have stopped eating like a builder (lots of tea, crisps and curries) and started eating like a supermodel.

    Just need to grow about a foot now....
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