boys names argh!!!

well we are told we are having a boy (better be cause everythings blue!!) and had 2 top names picked out, Fraser and Ethan, (Andrew as a maybe too). then we finally decided that Fraser was the name!

but today i have been totally thinking of that i had a sort of boyfriend years ago called fraser and its really put me off it.

does anyone have any other suggestions cause we really are stuck!!

there was months where i loved Fraser and hubbie loved Ethan, then he decided he preferred Fraser now and i was so happy!

but now i think we cant use it, it would feel too weird!

we are giving him (if it IS a him) John as a middle name after my dad, and the surname is Cameron

................. John Cameron ???

Any ideas? our wee girl is called Elise so it kinda cant clash with that either.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Hi, I liked Ethan if we were having a boy but it's quite popular in my little boys school also like Bailey and Finlay.

  • aww archie is cute but kinda reminds me of Balamory!! i also like Ashton, but hubbie not keen, oh its so hard todecide and time is ticking on!!!
  • chellebelle, the populairty of Ethan was what made me prefer Fraser to begin with, there are at least 2 or 3 Ethans in my wee girls nursery, altho i do like the name so might still go with that
  • LOL zoey, i have a 3 year old girl so have no choice but to watch Balamory, know all the words to the songs too!!youll soon be the same LOL x
  • Our little man is going to be called Evan John, Archie is lovely and Ethan is nice to. Me and hubby both from Wales orginally so we wanted a Welsh name.

    Im sure whatever you choose will be lovely, you could wait till he arrives and see which name suits him.
  • Zoey, you'll be watching night garden before you know it! After a few weeks you'll find yourself actually enjoying it, thats when you have to worry!

    Personally I like Ethan better than Fraser but they are both nice!
  • My husband and I love Noah and Jeremiah
  • ok everyone, have spoken to hubbie, and the new name is now......

    Daniel John Cameron

    Daniel was one of the original names we loved, but hubbie has a cousin called Daniel and we worried he would think the baby was named after him, when really we just like the name. so we are gonna have to think of a way to subtly let him know we just like the name now without hurting his feelings!!!LOL;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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