tips for spine to spine issues pls

ok i know i have lots of problems buti was in excruciating pain as on top of my usual pain from sciatica and SPD baby lay spine to spine i could not get comfy was rocking for comfortcrying nothing could distract from pain we tried giving baby a black eye lol not reaelly but we were prodding in hope of getting them to move. but no joy. :cry:
ended up lying on side but it only eased it a lil :cry:

am so tired today due to pain and what not last night if labour is worse than this i don't want it take iot back i'm carrying the devil child :evil: always causig me pain
sorry really feeling low today and just don't want to be at work as pain is there constantly now and baby seems to think its fun to add to mommy's pain.

thaks for lettign me rant
Debz 21+4


  • You can rant all you like, we all need too. I feel as if I've got a dum bell attached to my front today
  • lol thanks dottie, i feel mine swimiin around in my tummy really wierd feels like i got a fish in me :S sure its not natural to feel EVERYTHING i feel from baby...

    its getting frustratin as in so much pain was hoping to enjoy the pregnancy but find myself resenting it and worrying i'll resent baby when they are born image going through the will i be a good mom now if my patience is this short now image and when they were spine to spine last night i wioshed them away i obviously ddn't mean it but i was at the end of my tehter and couldn't help myself feeling like if it wasn't for them it wouldn't be this painful as i cope usually with sciatica with no problems! darned this child lol hurry up and cook!
  • Hi Debz

    With my 1st, he was back to back right through my labour...and I'm afraid I won't pretend it wasn't painfull and spent all 11 hours of my labour standing up as could not lay down, sit down or do anything apart from lean over a bed!!! And I also ended up giving birth to him standing up....which I have to say felf more natural than laying down.

    But other than sitting the wrong way round on a dining chair I found nothing else that would ease the pain....but all that said I do sympathise with you!!!

    Take care & sorry can't be much help.

    Hannah 34+3 x
  • OH MY GOD DEBZ whats going on chick ! My baby was back to back (ha ha you have to laugh cus it sounds like i copy everything you do OR are you copying me!) But it did turn spine wass still on wrong side down right hand side instead of left but then my baby wouldnt do anything NORMAL would it? I got a birthing ball and used that apparently its caused by slouching but im not even going to go therewith you babe as i know any position you can get inis a bonus without worrying if youare slouching!!!!!!!!!!! So no advice for you babe but lets just hope the little blighter moves before his mother has a breakdown!!!!
  • lol ahhh west brom sounds like our lo's are going to cause havoc when born lol i slouch even on the exercise ball lol its supposed to be impossible but not for me lmao its something to do with my hypermobility lol other prob i find with the ball is it makes baby head straight for pelvis image OUCH feels like its getting ready to be born so avoiding the ball lol(i use it as a computer seat usually but i can't turn on it so i either fall off (hilarious to see) or have to stand and roll ball back to get away from comp at home. i'm a ball of entertainment really lol. we really should meet up west brom it would be hilarious! wish i could take hannahs advice about chair but SPD don't allow it and don't have that type of chair anywhere lol

    IS that better!

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  • If you get bored babe just have a read of some of your posts i thought my typing was bad but i can barely understand yours!!!! Whats frightening is your at work so i take it you have to use yours for work at least ive got an excuse im a hairdresser!!!!!!!!! Whats a chari? A chair? lol xxxxxxxxxx
  • lol cruthches are killing wrists making typing either bad or very slow lol. lol i'll modify it to make it more legible
  • I wouldnt bother babe they are not half as funny now. You just sounded like a bit of a nutter lol. Whens your 20 week scan you are going to find out what the little darling is going to be arnt you?
  • baby causes horrendous upeper/mid back ache lol maybe my pain threshold is very low but it was murder last night as was sat there for a bout 2 hours and seemed to find it comfy image

    west brom do you never read ANY of my messages???!?!?
    scan was on the 1st! email me and i'll send you the pics seeing as you seem to be in the clouds lmao
  • OH MY GOD i didnt know sorry yeah well i have got my head inthe clouds i have a baby due tomorow you know!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how to do that how do i e mail you im just a thick hairdresser derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Is it a boy or a girl?
  • see the 3 buttons above yours and below mine press the one that says email LMFAO bless we dunno the sex coz it stubborn lil buga! x'd legs lol sonographer couldn't guarentee but says she thinks a boy lol which is what we all thought lol
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