toddlers punching in tummy!??

Hey ya Girls!

Right - I am 25 weeks pregnant and my best friend's child is two and a half he is just starting to throw tantrums and sulk ect.. I am his God mother and love him dearly (sooo please be constuctive)

Two weeks running at seprate times he has punched me in my tummy, we have explained that there is a little baby in there, i'm not sure if it's a case of the green eye'd monster or if he really understands the concept that there is a baby in there at all? but it was definant delibarate both times...

His mum was quick to tell him off and she put him on the naughty step and was very very close to tears saying she was sorry and that it was visious.. I just said well I could have a child the same age whom might be going through the same thing and do that (as did my OH) she made him say sorry (although he was relutant!)

He was very affectionate to me afterwards and he is a sweetie normally and I do really love him!

Thing is it HURT and that's MY baby in there! I had a small bruise from his punch mark... I'm sure I won't be the first this happens to and my baby has been very active so not overly worried... but I am worried about it happening again?

Not sure what to do... I didn't tell him off because his mother was so quick to tell him off for it.. and i really can't fault her for it! and remember he is still only tiny him self!

BUT... :\? I don't want to be punched again regardless! it's be twice and it's my baby in there and of course i do feel protective...

wondering what i can do? sure it'll be sensitive because she was so upset that her little boy had done it to begine with... but not sure how to manage him... I can't just not see him because i do love him too...

just a little stressed about having to be on my guard ALL the time around him from now on???

oh what to do? please help? xx


  • My other half's mum is a childminder and we spend our time there so...I know what you mean! One of the little ones who is 3 (he's small for 3 though), actually sits on my bump and kicked it once! (Not deliberately though.) I would try showing him the baby moving as it seemed to fascinate this little boy, he couldn't stop staring!

    Toddlers can be quite rough, they're just learning. Its just you're more aware of it when pregnant. My oh is fantastic at playing with the kids but that's not to say he hasn't had an accidental kick/elbow where it hurts before! xxx

  • yeah I know they can be rough he was throwing a tantrum though and run across the room and punched me in the tummy... so i know it was meant! just wondering how to avoid it again? xx
  • Maybe wear something loose so the bump isn't a "target" for him? I know when I'm wearing something loose, the tots don't talk about the baby, or try and climb on me as much. Oh yeah - and if hes being a git don't pick him up! I made this mistake and got bicycle-legs kicks in the stomach...ow!

    Because he has done it twice now, you'll probably realise if hes going to do it again so just stand up so he can't get to you. If his mum is disciplining him for it then he should realise soon that it's out of order. So its good that she's doing that. You could always try showing him a picture of himself as a baby and say that's whats in my tummy so you have to be a good boy and not hurt him! xx
  • Thanks yeah i'll try to get up there sofa is quite low and i'm being refered to physio for my hips lol so bit of a sitting target!
    yeah cause I was in shock about it - I hadn't expected it even the second time i dont think maybe I hadn't reacted enough...
    your right about not picking him up tho! xx
  • My toddler is 19months old and its really hard to try and explain that their is a baby inside mummys tummy. We try and encourage Rhys to stroke my tummy and say "ahh the baby is hiding". Sounds silly i know but at that age they really dnt understand. I really dnt know what to suggest as it is not ur child with Rhys if he starts to get nasty I tell him no and move him away from me. I think the key thing is to be aware of ur godson and wen he might throw a hissy fit so u can remove urself. Sorry not much help but iv found that really get rhys involved and encouraging him to be nice to my tummy has helped loads and he doesn't slap or try and grab my tummy as much now. Kerry xxx

  • william is 2yrs, 3months and I think he understands. When you ask where is the baby he comes over and strokes/kisses or blows raspberrys on the bump. He loves to sit there(or lay) next to me and stroke and kiss the bump. He loved the scan last week and when Tony said it was a Girl, he said 'oh, baby sister'

    I know it's easier coz we're always together but like Kerry says, try to involve your God son, maybe suggest that he and his mum come to a midwife appointment so he can hear baby?
  • Yeah ive had a few nice suggestions here.. about wearing loose clothing (hiding bump) and letting him listen to the heart beat... I do think it's a hard concept to grasp the idea of a baby you can't see, you know when someone is so little.. some kids cotton on quicker than others... or if they have seen someone pregnant before then maybe they understand there is a baby at the end of it?
    I am wondering which is best to do not show him my bump and not draw attention to it... or keep showing and trying to involve him?
    I always give him plenty of kisses and cuddles and lots of attention, he doesn't go to nursery yet, and no toddlers groups and has no small children around him so he might find it hard to 'share' me... He is lovely and of course I love him loads & I know it's normal and plenty of mothers who had toddlers will go through this... I just haven't had that experiance yet and know her is a good place to ask! xx
  • I have a 19 month old son, who understands that their is a baby in my belly and wont go to bed without giving his baba(as he calls my belly) a kiss. So children can understand that there is a baby in there. can you and your friend not sit him down and explain that there is a baby growing? maybe if you show him pictures ect he'll start to understand. Anyway hope this helps x
  • I think that you might be right about him being jelous. Millie is really funny with my bump, she seems to understand about the baby and loves to pull my top up and kiss my bump. Maybe see if you could involve him a bit more, we bought some very simple books for Millie about new babies which she loves to look at. The best one we have is called 'There's a house inside my Mummy', which might not be appropriate as it's not his mum thats pregnant, but something similar might help.
    Kerry xx
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