Hi girls im crashing from baby hope you dont mind!
Im getting really broody, saw SIL the other day and she has a lovely bump and it got me thinking about when i could feel Connor kicking me etc and when he was really little
The point is hes only 4 months so if you girls could help me feel less broody by reminding me of all the not so joyful pregnancy things that would be great!
And congrats on all your bumps!!!


  • erm where to start!!! maybe not the best idea for me to be writing a list of NOT so joyful things- i'm due tomorrow and i seriously fed up! but here goes!!

    morning sicknes, gaining weight, water retention, bad back, stretchmarks!!

    but as you know yourself its all worth it! Cant wait to have my lo!!!

  • I can't help much- although I've had a HORRIBLE pregnancy I know as soon as I have this little un I will be broody straightaway!!
    This will be my 4th and my youngest is only 13 months- I am due to be induced on Wednesday and am so excited- maybe if you ask me again in a few weeks I can tell you what such a small age gap is like!!
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