Wee more now?

Hi girls

I know they say the first three months is when you wee more but i have found that now I am weeing so much more than the first three months and it's driving me mad. I am having to get up loads in the night as well.

K xx


  • Me too K-Lou!
  • i'm 22+4 today and am definitely going to the loo less than I did in the first 12-14 weeks.
    I can now do a 2-3 hour car journey without stopping and usually only go once in the night. I'm sure it's about to get worse again though!
  • Hi
    It will probably ease off then come back in the later stages, it depends where your baby is lying. I'm coming up for 38 weeks and baby is sat on my bladder, I'm up at least 3 times in the night,. Oh, the joys of pregnancy!!!
  • Thanks girls glad I am not the only one. I was like I thought this was all meant to stop by now LOL Or at least ease.

    K xx
  • OMG I had to get up 6 times the other night hun its really annoying!



  • I also think it is much worse now than the first 3 months, i got up 3 times last night and its been twice a night for the last week!!
    Lisa xx
    17 weeks today!!!!
  • Im weeing a lot too, Midwife says baby will move upwards by 1cm per week until my 20 wk scan so hopefully the pressure on my bladder should ease for a little while then
  • I was the same, and I usually drink loads of water throughout the day. got fed up of the night wees about a month ago so I now make sure I don't drink anything except the odd sip after about 5pm and it has stopped me getting up in the night. (I stills drinks lots though, just in the a.m. and avo.)
    Ames x
  • I am definitely weeing more than I did before. It's such a pain being out and having to keep going to the toilets! And it seems such a waste of time when you are desperate but hardly any comes out!!

    17+1 x
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