Dulux Emulsion

Anybody been painting?
Is it safe?
Dad and hubbie painted the lounge and nursery to be (yey!) last night and i went out while they did it. Me and hubbie then slept in the bedroom with the window open and door shut last night but obviously i'm going home after work and wanna veg on the sofa for the night but dad has done the second coat thismorning.
Will it be harmful to breath it in (i assume its gonna smell for a few days!).
It is only water based dulux emulsion - my Dad says there are no chemicals as such in it that are harmful.
Anybody else been decorating/know if its safe now?

Rachel (21+1). x


  • Hiya

    I hope its safe cos i;ve been doing lots, am actually starting to paint the nursery tomorrow. i am sure its perfectly safe & never heard anyone say it isnt - its just a normal thing really. Sometime i think people can stop eating & doing things perfectly safe thinking its harming baby, its where to stop these days

    I am sure you will be fine xx
  • Hiya,

    Emulson is water based, not oil based which contain solvents. Its only solvents that cause adverse effects, things like gloss and spray paint in high quantities so i wouldn't worry.
  • I hope not, as well i spent all last week painting soon to be nursery and spraying fire place - doors and windows open obviously. Im sure it will be fine.
  • I was wondering this too.

    I had a week off recently and spent the entire week decorating - using emulsion but mainly gloss. Gloss stinks. We painted all the stairway, landing, hallway and spare room. I did most of the glossing.

    But what i did was open all the surrounding windows and doors to get lots of air in and hubby got me a little mask which i used most of the time so hoping ive not breathed in too much. Theres not much else you can do i dont think as the smell of gloss paint lingers for a while after.

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