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What could we use?

Hi ladies,

Linking on from the "Do you need a pram" thread, I was after your advice.

We are obviously going to get a car seat, and a buggy/pram of some sort - whether it's a travel system, or a car seat and buggy seperately, we don't know yet.

However, we would like something flat for the baby to sleep in when having downstairs naps, and just during the early weeks anyway. A lot of people have said they just used their pram, but we have a massive flight of steps up tot he house so it's impractical. Likewise, it's not advisable for a baby to spend more then 2 hours in a car seat, so that's out.

We are going to get a cot for the nursery, and we've been given a second hand crib for using in our bedroom for the first few months - but the crib isn't really suitable to be lugging up and down our house. So what could we use downstairs?

Moses baskets - I think these are beautiful, but a lot of babies grow out of them fast - I'd rather buy something that can be used from birth til quite a while after.

What about travel cots - are they worth it? Are they comfortable for a baby to lie in long term? They seem quite low so surely they're not easy to get babies in and out of?

What are you guys doing? Do you have any recommendations? Or any warnings?

Thanks ladies - excuse the ramblings - thats what I get for thinking aloud!!

C xxx



  • I was thinking of getting a moses basket as they are quite light weight, although like you say they may grow out of this fast.

    I would be interested to see what overs are thinking of doing. x
  • Hi i got my moses basket and stand from a nearly new for ??10 looks brand new and i just bought a new mattress, for me it has been a god send as easily portable.

    Travel cots are good but its a long way down and if you have a difficult birth it might be hard to keep picking baby up.

    My gran used a drawer, and my hv recommended the same but personally i love my moses basket

  • i agree with db reagarding the travel cot, the side are quite high, base low so you could struggle if the birth wasn't as expected.

    Moses baskets i would say seems the better option at the moment, unless you did have a pram on whatever pushchair you chose.

    However just thought of something, what about the pop up travel cot they sell in mothercare.
  • lol @ drawer!!

    Whatever we choose it would probably be what we use when we visit other people too, plus when I'm back to work, my mum will be looking after baby 2 days a week, so it'd be nice that she can use it too.

    ??10 was a great bargain - ebay?

    C xxx
  • Hey hun - have you thought about buying another crib?

    I have bought two - one for bedroom, one for living room.


    MKB 27+5

  • You know, I'm beginning to think that it's asking too much to get something that could then be used in the future at my Mums or for travelling.... lol so ignore all that - the important option is a variation on a moses basket!

    C xxx
  • MrsKittyboo - I think that's always an option it we can get one cheap or another hand-me-down.....we just can't really afford to buy one brand new (hence me trying to get things that last a while and baby won't grow out of really quickly!).

    Thanks everyone for your comments so far!!

    C xxx
  • Smiler ebay can be really expensive for baby stuff, you need to look out for NCT sales in your area or baby nearly new, there are some fab bargins to be had.

  • Yes you are right! they can be expensive!! xxx
  • i have a travel cot which has a higher base for when baby is small. i bought an extra mattress to make it more comfortable. My son still uses it 2 years later when we go away/ he stays at his nansx
  • mrsblue - that sounds fab - do you remember where you got it from?

    C xxx
  • Quite a lot of travel cots have a higher bassinet level as well, I know that the Romo Oomo2 has and is available from Mothercare, think Graco do one as well.
  • Get a travel cot!! I still use mine occasionally when we are desparate and my son is 3!! I got a baby einstein one and it had a feature where you could raise the mattress up so you don't have to bend too far. The link is below. It seems expensive but for the amount of use I've got out if it, it is worth it.

  • Thanks ladies! I'd never seen the travel cots with the bit that raises up before! Will be chatting to hubby about it tonight!

    Thanks again all!

    C xxx
  • I just wondered how long are you planning for the baby to nap downstairs? I understand you want something that they won't grow out of but by the time they have grown out of it wouldn't they have a more distinct sleep routine and would be going down for their naps in their cot?

    Sorry if I am showing my ignorance here! It's just the little one I looked after was 4 months when I started looking after him and he was having all his naps in his cot upstairs or in his little chair, something like this..
  • Miss Impatient - yeah, like MsAmanda says, there's probalby different views, but I like the idea of the baby getting to know the difference between a day time nap, and proper night bed time (hopefully encouraging it to sleep longer at night!).

    But hey, who knows what will actually happen. THese travel cots look like an investment anyway though for our purposes.

    That chair you showed, does it go completely flat? Because on the pushchair thread people were saying you shouldn't let a baby stay in a non-flat chair for longer than 2 hours? (and I would have thought settling and eventual nap tme could be close to that limit.).

    Minefield all this isn't it! lol

    C xxx
  • I have never heard that before but I guess it makes sense!

    Some of the chairs go completely flat then sit upright either as a rocker or with legs to make them completely stable which is good for feeding them initially when they are too little to sit in a high chair. Most people I know with babies have got one and love them, they are great to put them in while you are doing stuff, cooking etc so they are near you and can see you before they can sit up on their own or move around.

    You would have to look around to find one that went flat and they might be a bit more expensive but you would use it all the time! Some of them have a vibrating setting as well that helps settle them off to sleep and the really posh ones have speakers in them and you can plug your iPod in to play gentle music to them while they are going to sleep. I have seen them in Mama's and Papa's.

    There is so much to think about and so many things to choose from isn't there!
  • Hi!!!
    We used the carrycot from his pram downstairs when Theo was tiny and he loved it but he outgrew it really quickly so we started using a travel cot.
  • I used a Moses basket despite everyone telling me they were a waste of time lo was born 7lb14 and he was in it for 6mth+ was great for at home and visiting grandparents
  • Hi, ive decided to get cotbed for nursery, crib for our room and a travel cot which has a built in bassinet for newborn for downstairs. Something like this.
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