Thrush - What can I take at 40+5? xx

Hi everyone,

I have had thrush for a few days now and its driving me insane?
Does anyone know what I can take for it this late into pregnancy?

Do you think Canesten will be ok?!

Thank you guys,

Amy xxxxx


  • Hi,
    Haven't experienced this so not too sure what you can take- have you phoned your GP surgery or pharmacist for advice? They might be best to speak to.

    Good luck
    Lauren (35+3) xxx
  • try natural yoghurt internal and external and buy an extra tub to eat lol the bacteria in it cool an soothe also rid you of the yeast bacteria that have caused it!

    Good luck & come on baby hurry up and arrive so mommy can meet you! your 5 days late!
  • I have been keeping track of you Feb baby and I can't believe you haven't had lo yet lol you must be totally fed up by now.

    Along with yoghurt hold a cold flannel against your "area" it really soothes and stops the itching image

  • Arrrghhh I hate thrush!! Had it for the first time the other day and went to GP's as I wasn't sure what it was. Anyway it was thrush and they prescribed this pessary tablet which has cleared it up nicely. It said on the leaflet that it was fine to take at any stage in pregnancy apart from in the first 12 weeks - maybe worth phoning your doctors?

    It also said on the prescription leaflet that a warm bath with salt in it was very effective. I have heard that natural yogurt thing but tbh I can't imagine myself putting natural yogurt down there - gross!

    Hope ur baby comes today so thrush will be the last of your worries! xxx
  • I had it earlier in pregnancy and was allowed pessaries and cream. Best to go to your doctor to get it tho (and then it's free!!). As long as your waters are intact you should be safe to take the meds.
  • Thank you girls, i'm relieved to know that I can use the cream. I phoned hubby and he bought some from Tesco on the way home for me! Bless him, he was so embarressed asking for thrush cream!

    Thanks for the flannel idea CazA, sounds like it would really help. I'm hoping the cream does the trick and doesn't take too long to work!

    Yoghurt would be a great natural way just sounds very messy! Thank you for all your replies.

    I'm really hoping I get some labour signs soon, i've never been more desperate for some pain! Hahaha!

    Amy xxxxxxxx
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