Braxton Hicks

Is it normal not to have any false contractions?

It says in my book that you start experiencing them at 23 weeks but I am 32 weeks and haven't felt anything yet. Does this mean I will have a harder birth, or go overdue? xxx


  • No im 39 weeks and only started experiencing them for the last 3 weeks. DOnt worry about them not every one even feels them and some get them really bad. You will be wishing you didnt get them once you do believe meimage
  • I read in my baby book (we all have our own bibles don't we!) that braxton hicks contractions happen throughout pregnancy but we don't feel them until much later (if at all).

    I've not felt anything I would have classed as a contraction and I'm 25 weeks now. Had a few pains but I always put that down to my muscles finally losing the battle and giving way!
  • BH are more like a tightening of your stomach muscles & can be strong but not usually painful. Not everyone experiences them so don't be worrying

    Lauren (36+4) xxx
  • hi, im 22 weeks today and had been experiencing really painful adbominal pains which felt like period pain on and off. i asked on here and someone said it sounded like braxton hicks - i didnt think you could get them this early!they really hurt so honestly dont worry bout it enjoy not havin them. lol. xxx
  • it can kinda feel like the baby is moving around when you have them too. Im 37+2 and only just really begining to distinguish when im having BH's.

    Babyfizz - those pains could be constipation pains (experience! They hurt like hell), 3 weeks ago i was rushed into hospital thinking i was in preterm labour, the pains were that bad i was shaking, being sick, and couldnt keep still when i had a pain. turns out i was constipated. sorry guys tmi!!!
  • lol, sounds like me - this baby growing lark is very confusing!lol. im not concerned as they come and go and baby loves to boot the hell out of my bladder on an evenin so know everythin is ok. thanks for the advice though. it just seems so long between appointments. xxx
  • babyfizz - I totally agree with titchrules, I have had pains yesterday and today - actually thought they were contractions but think its my stomach (ie constipation) . Have started taking fyrogel to help. Mines is bad cause I'm on codeine painkillers for SPD!
  • your not havin a good time of it and i thought i was havin a tough time! luckily i dont get it too often and jts go lie in the bath and chill and it goes away. xxx
  • hope you girls start to feel better x
  • Good to hear that it is normal lol. I had that thing happen but it was with diarrhoea not constipation. I was about 16 weeks and woke up with cramps so bad I thought I'd lost my baby but nope it must have been the dodgy takeaway as I soon discovered! xxx
  • i hardly felt them with baby no 1 but am getting them every few mins with baby no 2 and they are getting slightley painful now, im hoping they ease abit.

    im sure you are prob having them, just that you are unaware of them thats all hun

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