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I am really confused about what i can and can't eat as I've read to avoid all shellfish and prawns etc but I have also read that prawns are safe to eat and that it's a false misconception that they aren't. Can anyone help me? I'm off on holiday and I know there will be ablot of fish on teh menu and prawns and I will be be soooo tempted!!!! Off to the maldives next week!!! Think bump will like the sun sea and relaxation!! I know I will!! :lol:


  • You can eat shellfish etc as long as it is cooked and lets be honest - who would ever dream of eating raw prawns!! Just make sure they're thoroughly cooked and you'll be fine! I ate seafood all the way through my pregnancy except mussels which I still can't stand for some reason!! Have a fab holiday in the Maldives - it really is like paradise and I wish I was going back!!
  • you can eat prawns and shellfish as long as they are fresh and thoroughly cooked, and piping hot when u eat them. so for instance a prawn curry served hot wld be fine but best to avoid pre packed prawn sandwhiches that u get in the shops. xx 27+4
  • Thanks for the replies.....I guess it makes sense that seaood is ok as long as it's piping hot and cooked. x
  • Hi Sunshine, we are also going to the Maldvies next week - we fly boxing day from Heathrow, which Island are you going to?
    Im 7 weeks gone and will be 8 weeks when I fly and was worried about flying but Ive calmed down a little now, how far along are you?

  • We fly Monday to Sri Lanka for 4 nights and then 27th to Veligandu for 7 the maldives as went on honeymoon last year and fell in love with it.

    This was supposed to be our last expensive holiday as a couple before baby....didn't expect to get pregnant the first month of ttc!!! So no diving and no cocktails...just spa and relaxation!!!
    Where are you going?

    I'm not too worried about flight just going to ask for an aisle seat to stetch my legs and make sure I walk around a lot.

  • We're flying on Boxing day to Dubai where we have an 8 hour stop over then on to Maldives. We are staying in Meedhuparu and we went two years ago and staying at Reethi Beach which was amazing.
    I cant wait to relax in the sun!

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