I have SPD :(

Its confirmed - i have SPD and have been given a mammoth sized tubi grip to wear and thats it.

I have to speak to my doc about pain killers and have just been given a list of "what not to do"

16 weeks more of this???

I dunno if i can cope with this image xxxxx


  • ah poor you. i know exactly how you feel hun. I didnt find them tubi grips any help at all and physio was a waste of time. Just take it easy hun and try not to do too much xx
  • Thats kinda difficult when im working full time. Ive been told to phone my doc before 3pm for a prescription and the lines been engaged for 40 minutes straighrt. I just wanna scream.

    Do most people with SPD have normal full term births??

  • i had quite a normal birth really. i leant over the back of the bed to push. they tell you not to use stirrups unless you need to for a medical reason. i did use them for the last 10 mins of pushing as he was stuggling a bit. as soon as you've given birth, the SPD kinda goes. i still have sore days now but no where as bad as when i was pegnant!

    what job do u do? do you get paid for being on the sick? xx
  • Sorry to hear you have the dreaded SPD, i had it with my daughter last year and have got it again... it's horrible and people really dont have any idea how painful it is for us, especially male GP's i have found!
    I had a vaginally delivery at 40+9 i begged for induction but they would not hear of it, they also were not keen to give an epidural as apparently you wont feel the pain when opening your legs so could make things worse. Luckily i didnt want one anyway... on a plus note, a week after giving birth the SPD vanished.
    Keep your chin up hun, i know it's hard. x
  • hey hun i had spd since 19 weeks ended up in a wheelchair and on morphine image i wanted an induction at 34 weeks but they wouldnt let me my baby was born back to back and stuck due to my spd my pelvis closed up round her head and traped her as she was laying awquard lol ended up with a section tubi grips did nothing i ended up not being able to walk image my spd has completly gone after 3 months keep smilin xxximage
  • I work with the council for the homeless. Its kinda stressful but i guess i can sit down if an when i need to (not that sitting still helps much)

    I told my midwife i dunno if i can take 16 weeks of this and she said we will have to take things as they come. If it gets as bad as ive heard it can il demand to be induced early.

    I get paid if im of sick but my contract expires next month and i really wanna be kept on, i know they cant be seen to discriminate but they will so i cant afford to be off, im gonnabe a single mum and i need this job

    Im really worried about stretchmarks and tearing this just adds to the not so pleasurable pleasures of pregnancy

  • Oh yeah all the hidden not so pleasurable pleasures of pregnancy... that you dont even think/know about until you are pregnant.....!
    Dont worry about stretch marks, if you are going to get them you will... i avoided tham until 34 weeks then they came with vegence. Also dont worry about tearing, try perineal massage, i tore, 2nd degree and had stitches but at the time i tore i didnt know.. it's only afterwards that it's painful but only for a few days or so... and believe me it's all so so so worth it once you get your lo in your arms. x
  • Hmm maybe il agree with you once shes here lol

    On the plus side MW says "oooh you have a have a very active little girl in there and are measuring VERY well"

    Think thats just her way of saying "God woman you got FAT" lol.

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