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I am just wondering for those people that this has happened to what sensation did you get or know of? I am 37 + 6 and dont think anything has happened yet....


  • hey,

    you'll most definitely know when it has. baby drops and your ribs will be free at last and you can breathe better. unless you have a long baby like me, then you have a head right down and feet still in your ribs. you can also feel baby pushing down very low. i wouldn't describe it as pain (unless i sneeze or cough) but it is uncomfortable. i do sometimes get shooting pains when i move too quickly coz of it. you tend to waddle a lot more. its a real heavy feeling. you're also more likely to need the loo a lot more than before too. my baby started to engage at 32weeks but as baby has got heavier the feeling has too. midwife said baby is as engaged as possible and if goes any lower i'll be in labour. it can happen at any time. it does tend to happen earlier in first pregnancies but in next ones can happen only when you go into labour.

    i wouldn't worry as you will feel it when baby does.
    sure it will happen soon.
    take care
    kate 37+6
  • Thanks for the reply...its all getting scary you are exactly the same times as me...are you due 7th Nov?

  • hey,

    i am due the day before on the 6th. been getting a lot of twinges etc past 2days so am hoping it will be an oct baby instead. although we're running out of time as there is not a lot of oct left.

    have you tried any of the old wives tales to get baby out. i have been doing it all since 37weeks and nothing has worked. i think baby will just come when he/she is ready.
  • No, I havent tried anything yet..suppose Im a bit scared? may try to encourage the other half to try a bit of 'you know what' tonight though!..he isnt that keen as gets worried about baby bump! - bless him!

    Is your baby's head engaged yet?

  • hi what you have just described kaytie2 is exactly what has happened to me the last couple days. my movements are really low and not as much as before and i feel shooting pains when baby does move which do make me yell out and scare hubby lol!

    my ribs are suddenly free and i can sit better my bump is really heavy and i cant walk far. im only 32 weeks yet! my son was a week before due date so who knows!

  • Hi, just to add another question to the original one: what counts as "engaged"? At my midwife appointement yesterday I was told that the baby is 4/5 engaged which I know means the head has started to drop. I know that 1/5 means the baby can't go any lower - but at what point do you feel the "drop"? Will it be a sudden thing or gradual?

    At the moment I still feel feet in my ribs.

    34 weeks today
  • last pg with my son his head was 4/5th engaged then at 39 week check was floating free little bugger then 2 days later i went into labour he didnt engage until then. this time feels different i must say. i was shopping and walking everywhere with him up till the end but i can hardly get up and down the stairs now no joke. i feel sooooo uncomfortable. he was long too so still had feet in ribs at end of pg xxx
  • I think LO is starting to engage.... I'm 37+6...... Spent last night and today running to the loo and hardly passing anything and I KNOW I don't have a urine infection. I also have some pressure at the bottom of my back, is this common? Kicks are no longer in my ribs and now round my belly button area - unless of course they've turned transverse :roll:
  • h2525- yeah my babys head is engaged. we have been having lots of sex and it still hasnt worked. also loads of other things and nothing. he/she must be too comfortable. i'm glad he/she is though coz i'm defo not. haha. it will happen.
    also if you have one try bouncing on a birthing/gym ball. that is meant to be very good for encouraging babys head down. it encourages you to sit upright also as if you slouch baby tends not to engage.

    hayleys1 sounds like your babies head is engaged. thats good given they say on subsequent births baby tends to engage a lot later. i have a long baby too so can still feel feet in ribs even though baby is right down. its not nice being attacked from both ends.

    pink toothbrush- the measurements go down so next babys head should be 3/5 etc. the measurement is how much of the head they can feel outside of the pelvis. my baby was 4/5 for a good few weeks. i didnt feel a sudden drop as he/she moved down further but just a gradual feeling of being more uncomfortable down there etc. everyone will be different though. i still have feet in my ribs but i have a really long baby apparently. so i am being attacked from both ends. i am no expert as each body shape is also different as is each baby but i reckon when you are 3/5 engaged you should start to feel some relief, thats what my midwife said to me when i was 4/5.

    mrsT it sounds promising. you do pass more urine which can only be little bits. so long as you can rule out infection like you say. i have felt pressure in my lower back area too. hope your lo isn't being naughty and has turned into different position.

    i am no expert but i would say it seems like your all getting there. if your really unsure i am sure your midwives will advise. i was hoping that because my baby engaged so early i would deliver early. but i am still here. fingers crossed we dont have to wait too long for our babies.

    good luck ladies
    kate 37+6
  • My baby has been at a +1 fetal presentation since i was 38 weeks. I have also been dilated to a 3 since then. I feel a sensations like my lil girl is pushing down really hard and it last for about an hour at a time. Today i am now 40 weeks exactly and still no baby. The doctors didnt thinks id nake it to my due date because my baby dropped when i was 29 you never know when baby will come. Ive tried so many of the old wives tales and nothing has worked, not even sex. However, i am 90% effaced so i am hoping for something to happen.

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