pain please help

hi all
im 12+4 and since teatime last night i have been getting pains mainly on my left hand side i had my scan at 11 weeks and everything was fine but im still getting the pains its not rweally painful and it comes and goes but feels sore aswell when not painful im really worried that something is wrong im not bleeding but really worried i have a tlephone number for midwifes but it through the hospital so im assuming that its only for emergencies and dont want to waste anyones time by ringing if its nothing this is my first abay and dont really know what the norm so please can anyone advice me:\?



  • its probably stretching pains but dont worry and call ur midwife they wont mind its their job. Im sure its nothing so try and chill out a bit xxx
  • I am 19+5 and was getting bad pains on my left side at the weekend. I alos had period like pains right up till about 14 weeks. If they are coming and going it will probably be put down to stretching pains but call your mw to put your mind at ease, like they say, they are there to help. I have a pregnancy triage number for our area which is basically a+e for pregnancy, I have used it once and they were fantastic on the phone. They won't mind. One phone call or lots of worrying, I know which I would choose. xx
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