Tiramasau - shop bought is it ok

I have just read on this website that shop bought dessert Tirramasu is fine to eat, I love it and it says it contains egg yolk but does not say if it is raw or cooked. What do you think. I am really missing it.


  • I kind of thought you couldnt have it at all as the egg isnt cooked, I have made it in the past and cant see how it would be made with cooked egg. But..... it could be that the shops put all sorts of stuff in it to make its shelf life longer so who knows!

    Im defo going to steer clear of it. Roll on when the baby is born and I can stuff my face with pate and soft boiled eggs!!

    14+6 xx
  • it will be fine to eat! shop bought deserts from the bigger supermarkets etc are fine.

    as jem said its the home made stuff that might be more of a problem xx
  • Does it say if its made with pasterised (sorry spelt wrong) egg? im checking everything i buy is made with this...

    not sure if that helps you sorry xxx
  • pastuerised egg is fine cos of the way it is treated - so if it contains that you are fine! I love egg custard tarts...........
  • ok now i have to go get some i havnt had that in ages yummy yumy

    sorry hun geatcrashing from ttc lol
  • omg i can eat that, ive wanted that since xmas gonna go and get me some tomorrow lol xxx
  • hehe ive never heard of it or tryed it pmsl what am i missing? xx
  • tinkerbell83 you are missing bliss lol very fatening but hey your preg splash out lol,its an itailian pudding....amereto (sp) in it also but just lush lol

    sorry gate crashing again lol
  • hehe iv sent my o/h to asda to get me sum he said il wear it if i dont like it lol xx
  • oh theres is the best lol and plenty of it for 2 days lol

    i hope you like it lol if not you wear it and he eats it hehe

    i will have to look out for your verdict now lol
  • i no yea but lick it off lol he wont he has got no sex drive since ive got bigger im lucky if i even get a kiss let alone him lick puddin off me i think its gona be wishfull thinking in that dept lol he sstill ent bac yet xx
  • well just you tell him that would be a waste of a good pudding lol

    look at me pretending i belong here lol
  • Yep not sure if I will risk it I know home made ones are a no no as we had this for our dessert at our wedding and that that raw egg in it, I mat try sainsburys one then as it is shop bought and should be ok.

  • stuff with raw egg in it is fine if shop brought (mayo, cream, cheesecake, deserts etc) as it has been pasteurised. How is the pregnancy going anyway hun nice to hear from you again



  • Tiramasu is fine to eat i've been eating it lol
    Shop bought is fine i should think
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