How many more days can i live without sleep???

For the last few nights my itching has reached a peak!! Its more noticeable during the day now, and by early evening i just can't sit still. I actually dread going to bed because i know i won't get to sleep, i think the mixture of the room being warm, the covers on me, OH trying to squash up against me (he got a severe elbow to the ribs last night lol) It just gets unbearable!!! I got up about 8 times last night just to sit on the edge of the bath to run cold water on my hands and feet, but the itch is now spreading up my arms and legs, and for some strange reason, my lips are itching quite badly too!
I remember being given piriton with my last pregnancy in tablet form, i do have some liquid here, does anyone know if its safe to take? I wasnt sure if the tablets i was prescribed were weaker if you see what i mean. It didnt help with the itching last time, but did succeed in making me drowsy enough to fall asleep regardless.
Seeing my midwife again today, i know all she'll do is send me for more bloods and monitoring, and it all seems a bit pointless to be honest. Their policy is not to induce til 40 weeks unless the baby becomes distressed, so at the moment i'm pretty sure i'm gonna have to suffer another 12 weeks of this :cry:


  • ((big hug)) don't really have any advice. Maybe try satiny smooth sheets next to your skin (helps with sunburn itch) nice and cool.
  • i just don't put any covers on at the mo, it seems that if i get too hot it gets worse!! Central heating is off most of the time now, so the kids have to be wrapped up inside as well as out, and i'm sitting here in a summer dress!! I've made an appt to see consultant on monday, she has been really lovely so far so i'm hoping that if i speak to her about how bad i feel, not sleeping etc she might just give me a date for induction now. Even if it wasnt til 40 weeks at least i'd have a date in mind, which would just set my mind at rest if you know what i mean xx
  • Hi Hun,

    I'm just a lurker really as i'm not ttc but am obsessed with wanting to!!! I never post because of this but i came across your post and remembered reading the following post:

    I hope i don't scare you or i'm sorry if i'm stating the obvious but wondered if you were aware of this condition.
    I hope all is well with your pregnancy but I figured it's better to be safe than sorry so thought i'd post.

    Best wishes hun! xx
  • Hi keenbean, thanks, i am aware of the condition, i had it with my last pregnancy and am pretty sure its back again, just waiting for blood test results to confirm it!
    Good luck TTC, have you decided when oyu're going to start? x
  • Hey Lynz,

    That's good, i have no idea about the condition just remembered reading that post a few days ago and so it rang bells when i read your post. I hope the results come back ok and that you and bump will be ok in spite of it.

    Edited my reply-it's all sorted now!

    How long do you have left hun?

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  • Aw really feeling for you, im sat here typing this contemplating whether to have a cold bath or a cold shower just to relieve my itching. Luckily mine is only on my soles of feet and my palms of the hands but it too is keeping me up at night and then you are absolutely exhausted in the morning with the kids who dont understand that mother just wants to sleep. Im so grumpy too as i just itch 24/7! I ended up at the hospital yet again this morning because the itching is getting worse and plus had a slight show, they said they would ring with the results but as per usual didnt bother! And where i am it takes 7-10days to get my bile acids back so even if my ASTs are high they will wait for my biles. So fed up, feel in limbo as i know im getting it back as it isnt normal to itch just on your hands and feet. They did give me a liver scan today though which they didnt do when i had my daughter last year and no gallstones just like i said waiting the blood results. Is your itching all the time or does it come and go? Its just i had it really bad for about four days a few weeks ago but then it seemed to go but it started again last night really really badly and hasnt eased off all day?
  • Hey Queen Bee, i've had so many lots of bloods done now, my levels are still in the normal range! I think i may have said before this is exactly the same as with Luca, my levels never went overly high, i only had OC confirmed after i delivered! Its just so frustrating. The levels creep up, but never go over the norm, which is great in one way, but also means i dont get taken seriously. In fact when i was pg with Luca one nurse told me it was probably normal itching and i was just over reacting!!! I wont even repeat what i said to her!
    Well hey ho, back to the hospital yet again tomorrow, more bloods, and i am not going home until they give me an exact plan of action!!! Thanks for all the support, i'm consoling myself with the fact that i'm not alone! (Although obviously i feel for all you other itchers out there!) xx
  • hiya, i had suspected oc from 28 -32 weeks but my levels came down on there own. However, i am now 37 weeks and feeling the itch in feet and palms just starting to return. Not enough to wake me at night yet though but just there as a niggle. I feel for you all..and i hope the doctors oull their fingers out and start making proper plans for medication for you ladies xxx
  • Oh and Becky, sorry, in answer to your question, my itching does come and go, it started quite a few weeks back then went away, and came back over the last week or two, much much worse at night, not so bad in the day thank goodness! I've also been feeling really sicky lately which apparently can be another symptom. Oh, and seem to be doing number 2's an awful lot more aswell! (sorry tmi) i usually go every other day but for the last week i've been at least 3 times a day. Nor sure if this is related or purely coincidental but thought i'd mention it to see if anyone else has had this problem? xxx
  • Hi Lynz hows it going? Getting any sleep? My itching has gone bad to worse, its been lasting all day and my lips have been itching too and all my other body parts. Dont know what to do with myself anymore, been in tears to the hospital tonight trying to see if there is anything they can do. My LFT has finally just reached abnormal but still awaiting my bile results which usually take up to seven days, grrr. Got to have another LFT tomorrow and a trace on baby done tomorrow morning, and then have my consultant on wednesday morning. Really really hoping he will say he will induce me but am only 35wks. I just really cant cope, i find it hard to cope on a daily basis, my mind is not functioning at all, i can barely string a sentence together. Ive spent the last four hours trying to get to sleep as am so tired but my feet and hands are itching so much i just cant even though im knackered image It doesnt help that i have a 5yr daughter with behavioural probs and a one yr old either as it is so hard trying to keep it together for them. PLus still at work although really thinking about giving up as doubt i can even do my job (just had a wk off for half term). I too have been feeling sick, was sick with everything i ate for the last seven days but my doctor gave me anti sickness pills which sort of helped. Still feel sick now. Dont know if i can take much more of this, am so down, sat here with my feet in a bucket of cold water just to try and stop the itching, piriton doesnt work at all and plus you can only take it three times a day.
  • Hi hun, nope, still no joy for me either! Was over the hospital all day yesterday, but my blood results came back normal again!!! They've given me piriton but like you say it does absolutely nothing to help. I was so knackered last night that i went to bed at 8.30, but i still only managed about 3 hours, and now i'm sat here looking at all the housework that needs to be done and wondering if i can be bothered! I know what you mean with the other children too. Luckily my eldest is at school, but my 3 year old isnt, and he's autistic so extremely hard work! Although i must admit he's being a real little angel at the moment, i've put cbeebies on for him and he's loving it! I'm seeing my midwife again on friday to check my bp as it keeps going up, and she's going to take more bloods too to see if they've risen at all, but i've resigned myself to the fact that it'll be the same as before, they will only rise right toward the end and i'll have to suffer another 12 weeks of the itching! xxxxx
  • Hello sugar, I don't itch but still can't bloody sleep! It takes me 5 minutes just to roll over! I feel and look like an umpa lumpa! i had no sleep at all last night!
  • Aw poor you, know exactly what your going through though, my levels have been normal all the way through but now only 1 under normal and they are still awaiting my bile acids, do your take a while to come back from your hospital? Got my consultant tomorrow but rang the hospital in tears last night and they are getting me a prescription sorted for that acid stuff and vitimin k which im hoping will reduce some of the itching. I think i got to bed about 4am this morning only to wake up at 6.30 with the itching. My itching is so bad today i have taken the day off work to see if i can get some sleep as my daughter is at school (they think she has slight autistium but shes too young to diagnose) and i have still taken my youngest to the childminders but still cant sleep, the itching is so bad, just wondering how bad its going to get by tonight! Im going to beg the consultant tomo to induce me asap as i cant go on, im a walking zombie image
  • Awww you poor thing, i'm not too terrible during the day, still itchy but i can cope with it, night times are just horrendous! OH said even when i was dozing last night i still scratched constantly and was tossing and turning. At my hospital the results are back within a few hours, your hospital sounds awful! Good luck with the medication, i've heard it does help some people so hopefully you'll be lucky! With any luck now you've been diagnosed they'll at least give you a date for induction xxx
  • Thats what im hoping but the hospital (which i add are crap) said that i wouldnt be induced earlier than 37wks which is a week monday, dont think i could wait that long unless this med helps the itching. This is def going to be my last pregnancy wana get sterilised asap after this one lol
  • Last for me too! We had decided that before all this started, but i'm even more definate on that now! He's having the snip xxxx
  • Well thats the ongoing debate with me and my OH at the mo, he wants me to but i think its alot easier for a man to have it and plus i have had four nightmare pregnancies and given him three (inc this one when hes out) children, i think thats the least he can do. Ive warned him no nookie until he gets the chop but hes like ok then but we will see, if not will do it in his sleep lol x Need something done soon very ive had little finley as i got preggers within four months of having my daughter.
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