advice please on ache in left, lower side of tummy

Hi Ladies

I am 27 +5 and for the last two days i've had an ache low down the left side of my tummy. My baby is moving around fine and kicking as normal but this pain sort feels like i've got stitch most of the time and hurts when i move around .thought it might just be trapped wind/constipation!! (sorry) but have been and it's still aching. I've had a nose around on the internet and am saw somethin to say tha might get this sort of pain if baby is breech or maybe ligament rounding/stretching. when i went for my last check up at 24 weeks the gp though she might be breech. am due to see the midwife on thursday for my 28 week check up. do you think this sounds like anything serious or just something I can bring up when I see her later this week? i don't feel unwell or have any other symptoms.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated image)



  • Hiya, i think it s the baby! I get this same pain sometimes as well.

    I think it might be cause sometimes the little one wedges in nicely and squishes a nerve or something like that .... and if they fall asleep in that position ... means they re sitting on the nerve for quite a while ...
  • Unless the pain gets worse, I would just wait till you see mw. If lo is still active theats a good sign. Also, if lo is breech, they won't do anything anyway until later, as baby has plenty time to move, so no need to panic.
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