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numbness and tingling

Hi, im 33 weeks and have just started having numbness and tingling in my right buttock which radiates down my right leg and causes my foot to tingle, it is so annoying! Ive also had the same in my right hand I presume this is yet again another pregnancy related problem just wondered if anyone else has had it and do you have any tips on how to stop or relieve it? I cant sit still for a minute and am driving myself and my OH insane.


  • it's probably the way you sleep when you put pressure on a nerve it causes pins and needles and it's the same when your baby leans on a nerve it can also feel like sciatica when the nerve is trapped and inflammed i've had this a few times once it was so bad a nearly passed out but i don't have that a lot altho i tend to get the pins and needles every night.
  • mw told me it is to do with rolling on your back in sleep & squishing your nerves. I have the last 5 days suffered from terrible dead hands & shooting pains in my thumbs. I am kept awake on & off all night with dead or pins & needle hands & my wrists are really sore too. Luckily I am going in tonight to be induced tomorrow morning so I am not too bothered but if you get swelling too then call the mw or hospital to ask them to check it isn't anything else. Try sleeping on your side & put a pillow beind you, it should prevent you rolling onto your back.
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