Struggling with a Hiatus Hernia and SPD

Hope you don't mind ladies but I just need to get this out as I'm feeling really low today. Sorry it's going to be epic!

My hiatus hernia got diagnosed 9 years ago and since then I've tried various things to try and control the acid reflux side of things. I was under the hospital up mid 2007 and was told as a last resort that they would operate on it and to go away and think about it very carefully. Well they were supposed to send me another appointment for 6 months later which would have been xmas 2007 but I never heard from them and ended up leaving it as I'd managed to get good relief from Pantoprazole tablets.
Well as soon as I told the doctor that I was trying for a baby they told me I would have to stop the pantoprazole as it's not safe for the baby and could try ranitidine instead. I started off taking the ranitidine and had a reaction 5 days later which was awful - couldn't breathe properly and severe pain in my chest for about 24 hours. I then went onto Gaviscon which was ok to start with but a month ago I went back on the ranitidine as the gavison wasn't helping that much and I was getting desperate. I had another severe reaction to it which caused a lunch infection and it wiped me out completely. Again I had to go back on the Gaviscon.
At almost 20 weeks pregnant now, it has no affect what so ever and I've now had constant heartburn for 5 days solid with no relief and hardly any sleep as I keep getting acid reflux when I lay down (even with head propped up). I'm going off my food as everything makes me feel worse - even cereal or a glass of water!
On top of this I was diagnosed with SPD over xmas and I feel pretty much housebound as I'm in so much pain with it and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to even walk around at home let alone anywhere else.

I just don't know what to do with myself and don't know how I'm going to cope for the next 20 weeks but I'm also beating myself for feeling rubbish as I know how lucky and blessed I am to be pregnant and to fall so quickly. I'm also having completely irrational thoughts that if I keep feeling down about how rubbish I'm feeling during my pregnancy, that something will happen to my little I say....I know this is completely irrational but with all the hormones rushing around inside me combined with feeling how I do, I can't help but worry.

I have my 20 weeks scan next week and I'm worrying about that now as well...arrgghh. I just wish I felt a little better and that I could enjoy being pregnant!

Sorry ladies and thank you if you managed to read this far.



  • Oh you poor thing! I'm sure you're thought of this already, but have you been back to the docs to ask if there is another alternative treatment? I really hope you can get something sorted or it settles on its own. Does drinking milk help as a temporary relief?

    Sending you lots of sympathy,
    Astraad xx
  • sorry to hear your suffering image

    have you tried lanzoprazole? i'm on double dose of the highest dose for sever acid reflux that i have suffered from for years. this really keeps it under control but i cant even bear it if i miss a dose.

    i also have SPD and am using crutchers (but i was using crutchers before pregnancy anyway due to disablitly) unfortuanlty for me its not getting any easier- the pain or mobility. i've got 11 weeks left and thats all i'm focusing on. the pain will be worth it in the end when i hold my baby in my arms.

    feel free to email me if you want to chat away off board.

  • Thanks so much for your replies ladies and for managing to read my epic moan.

    Astraad - Yes I've had several conversations with the GPs and they haven't been that great as they always start looking through a book to check which tablets are safe for me during pregnancy and they then turn and say well you can take this but it's not been tested during pregnancy so it's in your hands! That leaves me feeling really uncertain as to what I should. Unfortunately I don't like milk on it's own but I've tried milk shakes and that kind of thing and they didn't work...but they did taste nice image)

    sleepybeccie - I'll drop you an email as I could do with chatting about the tablets you're on and what advice you've been given. Sorry to hear you've not had an easy time of it either!

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