Find out if my bean is sticking on today...UPDATE!

Hey girls have to ring up for my hcg levels today to see if they have doubled and im crapping much as i want to know i dont it that makes any sense..wish id never had them done now as either way im going to find out today....if i hadnt had them done at least i could be pg for a bit longer and be blissfully unaware......xxxxxxxx :cry:

Hey girls theyve doubled!!!! They took all day to get back to me but they have and its great news!!! The nurse said theres no reason why anything should go wrong and my numbers are going up so i can relax! Ive got to go to the epu next wk for more bloods to check everything is still ok, but there not guna give my boys a new brother or sister, i cant wait!!! Thanks for all your lovely msgs and support xxxxxxx image image

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  • Thinking of you babe - what time are you ringing?

    Hope everything goes well for you and will be waiting here with bated breath, fingers crossed!! Love Lee xxxxx
  • ooooooooo, keeping fingers crossed for you and sending loads of sticky babydust ur way!!

  • Goodluck Kim

    I reckon your bean is a sticky one and isnt going anywhere. Let us know how you get on.

    jen xx
  • Have to ring the midwife between 9-10 and there guna try to track my results on the hospital computer, cant believe how much is riding on finding it hard to stay positive, even though ive had two pregnancies without a hitch....i guess the miscarraige hit me harder than i thought..gota keep thinking theres no reason why it shouldnt be positive...just got a horrible devil on my shoulder at the moment! xx
  • Good luck Kim, I know it's going to be good news for you hunny.

    Let us know what the mw says. Keeping my fingers crossed xxx

  • Good luck - thinking of you xx
  • good luck hun, thinking of you! I have found it hard to be positive about my pregnancy since my mc in Dec (and 2 bleeding scares) but i'm now at 20 weeks and finally happy that this one's a keeper!

    Let us know, you'll be fine!



  • Good luck hun, hope all goes well. fingers crossed xx
  • Hoping you get good news hun....

    Best of Luck

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Fingers crossed for you chick - let us know when you've phoned - I guess you are phoning any tme now?

  • Good luck hun x x x
  • Thinking of you honey. I'm hoping all is ok. Big hugs xxxx

  • Good luck, hoping to hear some good news soon
    Filo x
  • have been trying to ring for the past hr and no-ones anwsering...ive just gota keep trying, il let u know as soon as i do...thanks so much for your support girls xxxxxxxx
  • Good luck for this morning hun, these babies are more resilient than we give them credit for and i'm hoping you have nothing to worry about,
    fingers crossed.xxxx

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  • oooh any news yet woomummy? thinking of you xxx
  • Good luck
    I hope you get through soon and it's good news

    Em x
  • Hun its not all over on HCG results so dont panic if they are bad. When i was 6 weeks i had bleeding and so got HCG tested first day 5000 and 42 hours later 6000, i was told was miscarrying/ectopic and wen i went for a scan a week later all was well and im now 20 weeks. Just wanted to tell you this as some women just have slow rising HCG xxx
  • Good luck I'll keep everything crossed for you.
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