anyones waters ever leaked???? help!

i dont know if it is this or not but i was walking round asda and i felt like i had slighly weed myself lol didnt think anything of it till i came home and i had a lie down on the bed and the same thing happend again, i know i should ring midwife but i havent got the best midwife ever and i would like to be more sure b4 i give her a ring, im 27 weeks pregnant x


  • Ring your midwive hun especially where you are only 27 weeks this is how my waters leaked with my second but I was 36 weeks and then went into labour naturally 2 days later. You wont be wasting their time so definately get checked out xx
  • i would deffo ring the MW as your only 27wks,at 35wks i woke up and stood up and it trickled down my leg,this continued,i had a mw appoiment that day so i took a sample and went to see the mw she tested it and it had loads of protien in it,so she said from what you have said it could be your waters,so i went to hospital and they checked me out and i was 3-4cm dialated but my waters were my sons head was,was intact so they thought it was were his bum was,under my ribcage that had bust,later that night they still hadnt bust so they popped my waters and i had my son at 35wks
    good luck and get the mw rung


  • thanks ladies,just waiitng for midwife to ring me back,

    thats what mine is like a sweet smell? is that waters? or doesnt it have any smell? x
  • your waters is supposed to be a straw colour and is sweet smelling but when mine went it looked no different to wee and it didnt smell sweet to me


  • hiya just got bk from hospital all is ok, they dont know wat it was but isnt my waters x
  • Thats great news :]:]
    What a relief.
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