yay i'm happy! date for c section!

I know some people wont want a c section but for those that know me recently i have my reasons.
After having my scan today was told baby is likely to be quite large so my consultnat who for last few weeks has been going on about waiting til 36 week scan relented.
i had a c section with LO because he was breech and had no choice,he ws also distressed.
A natural delivery for me is not possible due to the spd, constant monitoringd he drips i have to have due to being diabetic. also the risk of vbac is scar rupture and also a 20-40% failure rate.
So unless baby has other ideas he will be here on 5th December yayay yay! Hubbie also pleased as with his annual leave will get paternity leave and not have to work xmas or boxing day, double hooray!
Filo x


  • Fab news! So pleased that you're getting the birth you want.

    How exciting - 5th December isn't far away, is it?
  • Good date for a birthday!
  • how are you SB, resting i take it???
    i have to take it a bit easier as my spd is having a real flare up at the moment and taking codeine occasionally. feeling better with todays news that end is in sight though!
    Filo x
  • Yayy!! 5th of December,thats my due date too Filo!xx
  • thanks SB. yes i have been doing more than i should but am feeling the effects now. still have to take lo to school and shopping etc.
    will try and learn to relax more. bit easier now i have stopped work too, got a lovely baby basket and card from work.
    Filo x
  • Yay for you!!!
    I would love to know an exact day for my baby to arrive, I don't like surprises!!!!!!
  • oh yay filo!!!!!!! how eciting!!! once of the first in dec forum!!!!xx
  • You must be feeling so much better knowing that has been sorted? What was your offical due date? xxxx
  • Yaay, exciting!!! image xx
  • thats great news filo, so glad for you hunni image

    Suzi 22wks xxx
  • Glad they agreed and gave you a date- at least you know where you are and can stop stressing about it !!
    My consultant agreed to try and start me off next Tues (28th Oct) and when I asked he confirmed if they can't I will have a cs and def won't be sent home to wait any longer- the relief was immense!
    5th Dec gives you time to get settled before xmas (and every year after).
  • doubt anyone would look down on you hun for choosing a c-sec, congrats so jealous you no exactly when your getting your babbee image
    take care xxx

    ~*'-'*~ Millions n Billions of PMA ~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~ BabyDust n Sparkles~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~????? Fingers crossed~*'-'*~


  • Aww that's great news hunni, I'm so pleased for you. You'll be able to get settled a bit before xmas too image


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