baby first movements?

Hi ladies i am 14 +3 today so im guessing this is too early to feel baby move but yersterday and the day before i felt a kind of fluttery feeling on my left hand side almost like if you have a twitch in your eye?? that sort of feeling....any ideas if this could be anthing?xxx


  • congrats sounds like it x
  • Everyone feels it at different times so could well be!

    I had my first movement at 18wks and it felt like someone was tickling me from the inside!
  • Yup that it! I had my first movements at around 12 weeks. It gets better! x x You wait until you see your whole tummy move!!

  • I felt it from 14 weeks, gentle flutters/tickles/bubbles.
  • my movements def felt like a twitch...that was the only way i could describe them x
  • my first movements felt like you say very few and far though, but they became more frequent so i knew it was baby i had felt early on, its a lovely reassuring feeling, whereas now it can be bloody painful!!

    chloe 33+3
  • its quite high up though, i thought you would feeli them really low down they are sort of in line with my bely botton maybe slightly lower - isnt this too hogn for baby at 14weeks??? you have me all excited xxx
  • i would have thought if they are under your belly button then yes, not above yrt though xx
  • sort of inline with or just very slightly lower, hmmm wish i new? where did everyone else feel them?x
  • impatient bump lol image xx
  • Not sure on height - but this is what i felt early on too - but mine were low in the pubic area! It does depend how they are laying though! So if his/her feet are upwards you may feel it there I guess?!
  • My first movements were the same, like a twitchy eye or muscle or even sorry about this one but....... an internal fart, then nothing happens outside of you !!
    i felt mine at about 15/16 weeks but only very low or to the sides for about 3weeks then the BIG kicks started, congrats love x
  • i felt movement start from 14 weeks in my last pregnancy and as others say its different for everyone so could well be! congratulations!! xxx
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