Itchy & Lumpy - to worry about or not?

Over the last few week I've noticed that I've started to get little bumps under my skin; first on top of my arms and bum (lovely). Despite vigorous srubbing in the shower and moisturising every day it's not going away... Now in the last two days it has spread to my boobs, lower back, rest of my arms, bit of my tummy and top of my thighs. It is also really really itchy! It's driving me mad!!! In some places the lumpy bits are red... they are also a lot worse when I've had a shower.

I've read that you can get a heat rash type thing when you're pregnant - is this it and has anyone else had it? Don't want to bother my midwife over something minor.... thanks :\)


  • it cld be pregnancy related or cld be u've developed an allergy to something, either way i'd go to ur gp and get it looked so any nasties can be ruled out

  • It sounds like what I have at the moment - PEP which stands for Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy or PUPP in the States - Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. Mine began on my stretchmarks and spread quickly to my arms & legs, I understand how you are feeling its the most intense annoying and uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced. Having researched it on the net a bit it tends to occur in the 3rd trimester - I dont think you mentioned how far along you were but obviously I cant comment for sure and think it best if you mentioned it to your midwife - trust me you are not bothering her with this, it is her job to help you and she may be able to prescribe some antihistamine tablets and/or creams to help with the itch - also you want to rule out anythign else it may be.

    Here is a link to a helpful page about PEP, even just knowing there are others out there with the same thing makes me feel better (sorry!)

    Type the above names into a google image search, this is what I did and found many pics of the rash to help with diagnosis.

    Sincerely hope you feel better, I'm miserable lol! x
  • Thanks Jennybean - it sounds just like you're describing! I'm 23 weeks tomorrow so nearly into the third trimester. I've tried calling my midwife but her phone is not switched on... even when it is she has no voicemail facility - is it me or is that just a little bit crap? So I'll try again next week.... In the meantime having cooler showers seems to help and I'm cutting back on applying any body lotions or shower gels that are heavily scented in case these aggravate it.

    Hope yours starts to ease for you soon... I think I may give some lacto-calamine lotion a try!
  • Oh my god in that case I feel sorry for you! It truly is a bit of a nightmare, I was prescribed antihistamine tablets to stop the itch though I must say that they havent helped much but I will continue to take them and also some steroid cream which was really good and stopped me itching for a while but these things will only work for a short while. To help this I have also been taking cold showers and have broken into my baby's toiletries bag and am using Johnsons top to toe wash as its a gentle product to use, I ended up using all of my cream though as there wasnt much there so I got some sudocrem and that is very soothing for me. If it is hot and itchy at night try cold packs if you can get them or do what I do and fill as many hot water bottles with cold water as you can - it feels good!

    By the way anytime I call my midwife I get the same thing - straight to voicemail and if like me you are one of those people that hates leaving messages then it is annoying!! If you have an appointment coming up definately mention it then but if not I guess you will have to leave a voicemail and demand their attention!

    Good Luck! x
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