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Hi everyone!
I spoke to my m/w on Wednesday about when i should do my birth plan, she said anytime and to just write down what i want/don't want and leave it in with my notes! I'm not expecting to write a novel, but thought it just sounded a bit "basic"?!
Hows everyone else done theirs? I had assumed you completed it with the mw! Gonna have a look at the Birth plan section on here!
Sarah xx


  • Hey
    i done mine with midwife the other day which was better as i was completly cluless, its hard i think to do birth plan as its my first i dont know what to expect and things can change cant they. the birth plan can go completly out the window couldnt it. i think its an idea to chat to labour partner about birth plan aswell as they can advocate on your behalf if you cant.

    Donna 38+4
  • my midwife hasnt mentioned much 2 me tbh,i have an appointment with her on wed so wonder if she will do it then?i already have 1 little girl but there r a few things i would like 2 do differently if pos this time but u do need 2 b open minded too as they dnt really look at the birth plan 2 much in hospital.I put on mine last time that i really wanted 2 breastfeed and was annoyed as noone came to help me till my lo was 24hrs old n i assumed she would b put to my breast straight after birth so im gonna speak up more this time!!hanna 36wks xx
  • mine is just give me all pain killers posable and the baby can be handed to the one still conions (awake) and i'll be happy. i know the doc knows better and they don't follow them coz the babys is in charge. image
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