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Hey ladies,

I'm 37 weeks now and I was just wondering is it normal to be having Braxton Hicks almost the whole time? They start at the top of my bump and can be so bad that I can't get up? I also have had them during the evenings one after the other followed by period pain then needing to go poopies lol.

Caz xxx


  • Hi Caz...I had midwife yday and she said its all good signs to have lots of braxton hicks...she said that if they start at the back and get painful then that is the time to worry as the cervix actually starts at the back and is very thick and it takes a long, long time for it to go thin.

    Last week I had really bad, painful b/h (was 39 weeks) and it turned out to be baby moving from one side of my belly to the other!!!

    If you get really concerned hun, ring your midwife and she'll be able to advise you more.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • C+BB, that exactly the type of braxton hicks i have starts off as very very uncomfortable tightenings, followed by a couple of hours of period pains and then needing then empty my bowels. Sometimes the tightenings mean that i cnt sit down tho coz my tummy is that hard, i only used to get this in the evenings but now they come at anytime throughout the day and it even woke me up at 4.20 this morning, actually thought i was going into labour, lol. Kerry xxx

  • i also get a lot of braxton hicks, sometimes just uncomfortable sometimes painful like period pain. been woken up by them as well. really annoying actually. spoke to mw and was told that its a good sign as it means that cervix is getting nice and now i welcome my braxton hicks and hope that they mean i won't go too overdue!!!
    15 days to go
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