If you got them when did they appear???

And how many people are lucky enough to get away with not having any?????

Im 19+3 still dont have any but checking every morning for that dreaded first


  • Hi I think I was about 22 weeks, note got any new ones, had some from being big a few years ago. Went from a size 18/20 to a 10 so was to be expected. These just seem to have got a bit longer.
    If you are gonna get them don't think there is much u can do about it apart from moisturise to help with the itching.
    Tammi xxx
    29.5 weeks
  • hi im 22 weeks today and dont have any. you can use something to keep the skin supple but i dont think anything acctually stops them, its all down to the elasticity and collegen in your skin. youl either get them or you wont
    fingers crossed for us all
  • Well my mum only had 2 or 3 at the bikini line with her first (me) so hopefully il take after her!!

    Can only hope eh lol xxx
  • my mum claims to of have none with me or my sister so i hope she passed on those genes!!! i seem to be the only one in the family thats had morning sickness, and im the 1st to have a baby boy in years so ill probably be covered in them lol xx
  • Havent got any yet. im 24+3 so fingers crossed x
  • hi im 33wks tomoro and dont have any so far except one really small one on my back at the waist line! this is my second and i didnt get any last time either (except on tops of thighs but i dont count that cause you dont see i LOL). im hoping i wont get any more now as i only have a wee while to go sort of!!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I got my first one at around 26 weeks. And they have got a lot worse since. The bottom of my bump is covered in them, it looks like a pattern as they're symmetrical on both sides! I've also got them on my hips.
    I find it slightly unfair as 1. I was using cocoa butter, 2. My mum never had any in 2 pregnancies, and 3. It's not like I've piled on loads of weight, just a 1 1/2 stone.

    Ah well I'm not that fussed really, they can be a nice reminder of baby. I had some on my thighs that I have had since puberty though and they haven't ever faded. So not sure mine will fade. xxxx
  • hi hun i had loads with my daughter,these started appearing at bout 28 weeks and i used special creams every day too!I havent got any new ones yet in this pregnancy although my old ones are getting very itchy now!I've been using bio oil this time which i'd highly reccommend.As for your mum not getting any i wdnt count on that,sorry!My mum had none with me or my sis but i got loads in my last pregnancy!!hanna almost 33 wks xx
  • Hi i didnt get any with my first till about 34 weeks then loads sproted over night and just seemed to get more and more by the time i had her second time didnt get to many more and this time havent got any more yet but it looks like spaghetti junction down ther anyways and hubby says he loves them as i got them from nuturing and growing our children.
    vikki xx
  • i look like ive been bitten by a shark!!! lol!! and to be completely honest, if ur gonna get em, ur gonna get em!! no matter what!! its just one of them things!!! i prefer to think of them not as strecth marks, but as my battle scars!! my war wounds!! lol!!

    grace and bumnp 39 + 5 xx
  • They say its genetic if you will get them. I havent got any so far (im 25 weeks) but i did get a few with my first so im sure they will pop up pretty soon! my oh calls them mummy marks which i think is really cute. They fade with time anyway, you could hardly see mine until my skin started to stretch again and i only had my son 19 months ago. just keep up with you skin care.
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