xemxmxyx_keep your opinions to yourself!!

What the hell has it got to do with you, how much it costs me for a pram?
I am sorry that as you put it, you are not as fortunate as me but both me and my partner work dam hard for everything that we buy for our children. I didnt buy that pram for the hefty price tag or because a celebrity has got it, as you said(which i dont think any of them do) I bought it because it will save me money in the long run as i wont have to buy another pram when my son decides he wants to walk! In futur i would suggest that you keep your opinions to yourself ,as long as i work for the things that i provide for my kids then why shouldnt i get them?

you have a huge chip on your shoulder! what exactly gives you the right to mouth of about how much someone else pays for their own things? It sounds to me that your a bit too imature to be having a child if that is the way you behave!


  • Hi there speckle!
    Good on u i agree wiv u its got nothing to do wiv anybody else wot u buy or wot you pay for the items for your littleones personally i love the pram i need one 4 my little girl and when baby comes.
    Anyway take care
  • Hi, Just wanted to say I really agree with you speakle can not belive the cheak of xemxmxyx_ you wer'nt even bragging in the 1st place! and personally I think she just sounds jealous. Its a really nice pram and I'm glad you have found one that fits all your needs. xxx
  • Hi speckle just wanted to say enjoy your pram and take no notice. I bought a quinny buzz and made a comment on here which was taken the wrong way . We all have different budgets and needs. My pram was a bit extravagant but iwas fortunate enough for my parent s to contribute (they offered to buy a pram and as it was quite expensive so i put some money towards it) I have bought many things for my baby which were extravagant and unnesessary but we learn from our mistakes, however my pram is worth every penny i love it. You however a second time mum imsure have put a great deal of thought into your purchases and have bought your pram becouse of practical reasons and becouse you love it.And yes you are quite within your right to tell everyone people do itall the time on here!! xx
  • i completly agree, just read the page, and if you work hard and you can afford to buy nice things, then its your choice.
    the pram is gorgeous.
    sounds like someone is a little jealous, good on you speckle.

    enjoy x x
  • Hi thanks for your replies, i had to write that because i was just so annoyed. I wasnt in any way bragging, i just wanted to see what people thought!

    I understand that some people cant afford to buy expensive prams ect and believe me i will have to put some extra hours in to afford this one but if im wiling to put them hours in then why shouldnt i get something nice for it.

    When my son was born we got a lot of hand me downs off my oh cousin, as she had a 6 month old son, which i really appreciated but this time its nice to be able to buy the things i want.

    anyway thanks alot

    Should keep her nose out and say nothing unless she has something nice to say!
    Im in the same situation as you speckle my daughter will be 21months when my next daughter arrives and if id seen this pram i would prob have saved some money and gone for it myself, as i didnt even know it existed ive ended up with 3 different ones as i need one for my older daughter one for my new baba and then onw for when im on my own and have to take both children out altogether ive spent about ??450.00 on the 3 so would have much prefered to spend more money and save more space in my house i think u got a great deal, I dont have alot of money as im a single parent (well live alone as OH has alot of debts and we cant afford to live together) i also dont work as i chose to be a stay at home mum as my personal preference although cant wait till LO's go to school so i can get some self respect back by going out to work, i do have most of the stuff left from having my daughter i.e moses basket etc, so ive only had to really buy the prams and some clothes etc so ive made the most of getting a single pram i really wanted for my first daughter but couldnt afford it for this one ive managed to give up smoking and have not been going out drinking obviously so what money i would normally spend on these things ive put to one side for other things, most ppl can afford things if they budget themselves and as u said u have worked for it so why not spend it on what u want XEMXMXYX You shouldnt judge ppl for spending their own money on what they want speckle was not bragging but to be honest i wouldnt blame her if she was i would brag if i had that pram as id be very proud i had got it for my children, I will admit i am jealous lol wish id seen it myself, Good luck speckle and enjoy your pram and children Sophie 33+5 xx



    Firstly let me thank you for you reply, its nice to know people dont get judged by what they spend. Im am far from well off myself and will have to put extra hours in (as will oh) to be able to afford this (its actually worth more than my car lol)
    I was thinking exactly the same thing as you, i wanted a double that turned into a single so i could use it when i was on my own and then i could turn it into a single when my oh was out with us.
    I think you have done really well to quit smoking(i quit when i was pregnant with my first) and know how hard it is.
    As far as being a stay at home mum, i really take my hat off to you. I only work part time at night, so my oh is at home with our son so im quite lucky. I think in a lot of ways it is harder to look after a baby 24/7 than go out to work.

    Thanks again and congrats on your expected arrival x
  • I think that myself sometimes but do find ppl judge me for being on benefits but i think ive worked since the age of 14 never been without a job since then and at one point was full time at college and worked my ass off in 3 different jobs at the same time so its my turn to stop plus i see they are my children so my responsibility i dont have anything against ppl that go out to work and get nannies etc its just something i couldnt do plus i know i never miss out on the firsts i.e words steps etc as im always there (do think it would be nice to go to work for the break tho lol) and like i said before as soon as my children go to school ill be one of the first looking for a job again and i have been doing college courses at home so got a few more qualifications behind me, as for smoking its been hard i stopped when pregnant with my first but started again as soon as she arrived but im determined to stay stopped this time round congrats to u doing it first time and congrats on your new expected arrival Sophie x


  • I know what you mean about missing their firsts,, i'd hate to miss any of our Logans but as i only work at night hes usually in bed not long after i leave so havent missed anything as yet.
    As far as the way ppl judge you for not working i can sympathise because i quit my job about a month before i found out i was expecting my son and no one would even concider hiring me while i was pregnant and ppl did judge me because of it and i hated the way ppl look at me as though i was just a scrounger (although i didnt even claim benefits, as i didnt have any children at the time) Like i said last time i am lucky cause i dont have to fork out on nannies or nursery as my oh is home at night. We have a nursery that is across the road from me and we was thinking of taking him there one morning a week to get used to socialising with other kids but im petrified of leaving him, cause there as only ever been me, my oh and my oh's mum who have looked after him.
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