amazing vid of breech waterbirths

my baby is breech at the mo so i have been looking into natural births even if she doesnt turn, this has really inspired me it is amazing


  • wow that is pretty amazing, they seem to stay under the water for ages after they're born don't they, i just assumed if you had a water birth then as soon as the baby was born they'd bring it above the water, but those ones are just swimming around blinking!

    i don't actually know which way round my baby is just now, but that's reassured me that if it's still breech at the next appt it's not that bad!

    aileen xx
  • Oh my goodness get that poor child out of the water and give it some air!!! LOL That is amazing to watch- i didnt realise they would keep the baby under water for that long or even that it was safe to do so but how content did the baba look just kicking and blinking!! fantastic
  • that was absolutley incredible, well done for finding that and sharing xxx
  • Absolutly beautiful.

  • i think i am going to try a waterbirth this time, she made it look so easy!!
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