Back at Work after 11 weeks off sick !

Well i returned to work today after having been signed off for over 2 months with antenatel depression. Kind of a mixed bag of emotions with being back, firstly happy as I can use the internet here (YAY!!!) how much I have missed BE !!! Secondly happy at seeing people other than my husband and sister in law, thirdly sad as I had to get up early (i cant believe its still dark at 7.30am !), fourthly sad as I had gotten used to being this housewife type !

Anyhows all is well with baby bean, although my utereus is measuring 2cm bigger than it should but MW wasnt worried so fingers crossed it doesnt mean i'll be giving birth to an elephant !!! She's kicking a fair amount, some days more than others and apparently is currently head down which explains why I need to pee every ten mintues !!

Have told work I intend to have my last day at work on the 20th March but am currently undecided as to whether I want to tag a couple of weeks of leave ahead of that or not ? I was gonna tag my leave on the end to get more time with Bean at home but my back is quite painful so who knows. Plus with the redundancies happening in my company I wont even know if I have a job for after bean is born !! :cry:

Anyway thats a quick update on me, any updates on what i've missed here the last two months would be appreciated. So far all i've really managed to read was SB's birth story and although tear jerking at the end I have to say I am now more terrified of labour than I already was !! :lol:


  • Welcome back Mrs Weir! I'm very glad to hear you are through the other side of the antenatal depression and getting back to normality - despite the early start (I hate that too...). Pleased to hear that baby bean is fine too image.

    Astraad xx
    17 weeks
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