best brand of disposable nappies?

Hello ladies,

just after a few opinions please!! All comments welcome!!



  • i like huggies so far lo is 6 weeks pampers arent as padded and i tried asdas own which were nice and soft and padded but the top layer struck to his skin when he hsd pooed and left an imprint so i wasnt keen
  • With my first I found that Pampers were a better fit than the others and we had less leaks. I used them up until potty training a few months ago and have already bought some in preparation for this one!
    Tesco ones are also very good and obviously better value for money than the big brands.
  • I've not got any previous experience of nappies as this is my 1st, but a while ago there was a thread on here about the best nappies and a lot of people said that pampers suited boys better and huggies suited girls.

    Not sure how true that is but I've just got some each to begin with to see what suits baby best.

    Kelly (28+5)

  • I really like the new Huggies Pure ones, I find them softer than the normal ones. I also really like Tesco's own ones. I found Pampers were very thin and sometimes could smell strongly of wee once they had been on for a little while.

    It's trial and error, what is perfect for one baby is rubbish for another!

  • really it depends on the shape of ur lo...huggies leaked constantly with ds, but then i started waiting til he was at the end of the weight range for that size and they were fine then, obviously just has no bum's have always been pretty good, from newborn thru til pull ups, tesco newborn weren't as good as asda's but from size 3 upwards they're pretty much on an even keel, pampers were ok and fitted ds nicley, never leaked, but they smell, even with the tiniest amount of wee in they wreaked which meant ahving to change him much more often than needed in order to stop him smelling, morrisons were rubbish, the liining stuck to ds bum and lieft a little pattern imprint on his bum cheeks....trial and error really, get a couple of packs of each and see which works best for u and ur lo, thats what i did with ds, and will do again with this lo as could have an enitrely different shape bottom (ds has no bum just like his dad, this lo could end up with a big duck bum just like me lol) xx
  • Pampers are awful - they leak BF poo really badly. I have used Sainsburys Eco nappies for a year now without a single issue.

    H xx
  • I use Pampers and they fit my DS so well.
    He seems to be very comfy and we rarely get leaks (unless he has drank lots, and I have been distracted, in which case, its my fault!!)

    I did try Asda own nappies but found the quality not as nice. And huggies leaked with every nappy for some reason.

    We are going to stick with Pampers for baby number 2, although I do think every baby's bottom is different and this plan may backfire!! xx
  • I initially bought pampers for my ds but found they leaked far too often. I changed to huggies and never had any issues with them. I've bought huggies this time in preparation but know that what suits one possibly might not suit another so i may end up back with pampers eventually.
  • After spending 2 1/2 years in the baby forum I've learned just how differently all our LO's get along with the varietys of nappies. I've gone between huggies and pampers, toyed with boots own. Babydry were ok while Evie was tiny, then i didn't like how bulky they got and the wee smell seemed so potent when she was wet. so i switched to huggies for a few months which were fine, and would sometimes get boots own which i liked but again they're a bit bulky. Once she was more mobile we started on pampers active fit, and never went back - loved them. they have recently changed their design which isnt as good, and many in baby forum have complained they arent as absorbant as they used to be. We got the timing just right, as when they brought in these new active fits we began potty training, and so use pampers easy up pants which are fantastic.

    I know so many people who've hated both pampers and huggies though, many i've heard swear by asda's own brand.

    My advice but be to buy a small pack of one brand, see how you get on with it, definately don't stock up.

  • Im a Pampers girl too! Huggies always leaked on mine no matter what i did & i find them really quite bulky & stiff, I think Pampers are more flexible & just seem comfier & never had a problem with leaks.
    Ive read before that some find a strong smell of wee off them but i never noticed anything.

    Lil tip for any nappies though if you have a boy, when they are newborn all the nappies will be a bit big, fold the top of the nappy down & inwards, rather than down & on the outside, it helps stop leaks if the lil boy bits are pointing up!! Also have a wipe handy when changing cause without fail when the air hits they will pee but if you chuck the wipe over them it stops it going in your face ha!!!

  • Well we have always used Aldi's own brand (called mamia) as they're so much cheaper than the others and DS is now 20 months and have never had any leakages or problems - but my dad bought some huggies for at his house and gave me the rest of the pack and although they were thinner so slightly less bulky when dry I found they kept leaking! So if you shop at aldi or live near one may be worth a look as we've found they are at least a third cheaper than other brands, which as I'm a stay at home mum surving off my husbands wage we need every penny. Will be buying for this baby too due in september, but as we're expecting a girl will be interested to see if they still work for her!
  • Pampers are absolutely aweful. I baught a pack of the super dry ones and have been using them on my LO,, 9/10 nappies leaked,, my LO usually sleeps all through the night but has been waking up crying because he's wet through the nappy soo much the bed sheets were soaking. Pamper's,, for me,, are deffinately the best,, never had a problem with them. Though,, that being said,, Tesco's are also brilliant,, never had  a problem with those either.

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