Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!

Someone just commented on my bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image image image image image image

A lady at work, who I've not seen in a few weeks due to Christmas and then her little girl has been very poorly and she said "wow look at you, you're looking good"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has made my good day even good-er!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Awww wicked! I just look like ive eaten too many pies at the mo LOL



  • awww and now it begins people will soon be pokeing and proding u now ure life is over the whole world will think they own your growing bump welcome to my world lol xxx
  • how far gone are u?
  • I'm 25 weeks but quite overweight so my bump is very delayed in showing itself.

    Julie xxx
  • People have recently started commenting on mine too and I LOVE it but luckily noone at work has tried to touch it! I feel very proud of myself all of a sudden, do you know what I mean? I love my little bump! x
  • I had a lady in work come and touch mine today! She just walked up to me and put her hand on my tummy.... she said 'i can't believe there are two in there!'....

    It's nice that i'm starting t to look pregnant rather than i've just eaten too many pies!
  • i'm the same as u joo (quite overweight) i can't wait until i start "showing" too!
    tell me to feck off if this is a personal question just wondering where do u buy ur trousers from?

    sorry if that seems rude (just me trying to find out where to get some for me)
  • Hi Cha... not at all, I have struggled, mainly for trousers for work (plain black smart trousers).

    I'm a size 22 and got a pair of wide leg trousers from the Next Directory, they are very comfortable and fit very well, they have the expandable elastic buttony things at the sides so should def. last me until I leave work on 3 April. I've tried a few pairs from the Simply Be range but the fit is terrible!!! (on me anyway!)

    I got a pair of jeans and other work trousers from a shop in America called 'Motherhood Maternity' when I was on holiday in November, but the trousers shrunk when I first washed them!

    I have two pairs of combats from next as well which should last me for casual (with the jeans). Then slouching at home, I've got tonnes of big PJs!!!

    I just need to find a pair of joggers for yoga now...

    Good luck, hope this helps!!! xxx
  • hehe ive gone frm a size 10 to a size 16 now and im only 22 weeks lol im gona be the size of a house by nine months is up lol
  • I do love my bump but at nearly 35 weeks i usually get - "oh you look well, wow you cant have long to go i bet you cant wait" - well duh of course i cant!!! My mum calls me roly poly and my hubby calls me fatty - lovely image)

    I LOVE my bump but miss seeing my toes!
  • thank u so much i never thought of trying there!!

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