Blooming Marvellous Gone Under

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  • my sis has just told me she heard that touysrus are next fot the chop!!
  • not really surprised to be honest, i went in the manchester store inbetween christmas and new year and the girls in there were very sour faced and unhelpfull, and then when i saw the website was down for so long i guessed really, its a real shame.
  • hi i work at a BM store...and all you guys are saying is u hope things go cheaper cos its closing down....can you not think of the staff who are going to lose their for the newspaper saying we closed our chester store this closed back in september....and we havent been told anything about the stores being closed.../ maybe dont believe everything you read
  • I thought something was up. I ordered lots of items with an offer they sent me and most got cancelled which I thought was strange. I kept the crib on order which got lost, then it turned up but the mattress kept getting delayed so I returned the crib in fear of never seeing the mattress! I have been checking the webiste and it was a strange time to have 'technical difficulties'. It ssad that more people are losing their jobs. There are many many people in that situation however. Its a shame but it could happen to anyone (well most people).
  • BMworker, hello and welcome to the forum!!
    To be frank, it's not up to me to worry about Blooming Marvellous staff losing their jobs (the women in my local branch are so frightful they shouldn't be in a customer service job anyway). Just as I can't worry about those working for Woolworths, M&S or any other company who are shedding staff. It's happening everywhere. It's not nice, but it's how it is. Did you worry about me when I was made redundant one Christmas? Doubt it. I didn't expect anyone other than my immediate family to give two hoots about me not having a job.

    And if BM hadn't been so overpriced in the first place, they might have sold more, made more profit and not got into financial trouble.

    Miaow!!!!!!!!!!!! tee hee MrsA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm gutted if BM closes - i wanted a few bits from there that i spotted a while ago but didnt want to buy them prematurely! And i've noticed too that the website is not available.....

    I just wanted to add that after the announcement of woolworths closing, i did pop into our local one, and was pretty shocked at the abuse the staff were getting because customers had to queue for ages, and the store was obviously customer even ranted that she had queued for about 3/4 hour for a gift voucher, and wasn't sold one!!

    BMworker - truly hope you don't lose your job, but if BM does cease trading, then i hope you don't have to endure similar customers as i saw in woolworths!


  • bmworker chester store closed in sept u say??is there 2 then cos i went in there the 1st weekend in november and the staff there were very unhelpful too (as alot of shops at the moment)i was going to buy a baby sling from there but cos they were miserable i went to mothercare so yes its very sad that these shops are going under and people losing there jobs however by the time the desicion to close them has come and there stuff is in a sale it makes no difference then for staff cos the stuff has to go whatever and the shops are better getting some money for them at a sale price than no money at full price surely??!!and they would of had a sale with me had they not of been so damn rude .........x
  • to Mrs A- which is your local store?not everyone who works for BM are rude i ca assure u.however i know everyones in the same boat..i wasnt pin pointing anyone in this forum-just generally saying that some people dont think about he people who are losing their jobs..when i first heard about woolworths,adams,...the first thing that came to mind was the poor staff losing their jobs...and as for the comment abotu chester...the store began closing in september...which u were probably aware that there was no new stock coming we all tell its very frightful what is happening to these high street retailers....but its not the sales staff descisions/fault on the prices/refund polices etc....
  • I went to Blooming Marvellous in Bath yesterday and the staff assured me that it isn't closing and that the website will be up again by the end of the week?!!
  • the staff in the manchester shop r miserable moos, i came out feeling like id been in thier way, even though i never asked for thier help as i didnt want 2 approach them abd thier sour faces.
    yes its very very sad people are losing jobs, but as someone else said its happening everywhere and its a fact.
    this website isnt about job losses anyway its about pregnancy and babys, so of course we are going to think about getting cheaper stuff for ourselves, its not selfish, its why we r on here.
    Maybe if the staff in the shops we helpfull and looked like they loved thier jobs and work a bit more we would have a little more sympathy.
    it might be a good idea bm worker, if u are about to lose your job that you spend your time a little bit more proactivly by job hunting rather than being on here picking arguments with hormonal pregnant ladies !!!
  • [email protected] m&k thats very funny and true ,isnt it funny how every b&m shop mentioned seems to have miserable staff...................and b&m worker no they didnt seem to have less stock at all just didnt want to help me at all , i asked for help to show me how to fit the baby sling and she blatenly ignored me so as i said before there was a sale lost there that they could have made if this happenes in every shop as what seems to be the case then thats y there at a loss??!!

    it is very sad that u lose ure job but as the others have said hundreds of people have lost there jobs over the past 3 months and more to come and we all know that when there is a sale we all love to reep the benefits .......havnt u ever been to the next sale?so please dont make us ladies on here out to be the bad guys for trying to pick up a bargin x
  • that would explain why i can't buy any maternity undies online! The best pants in the world lol!
  • Hi, Not going to get involved in the whole job loss thing as its everywhere and most people either are,or know someone that is effected by it etc....
    Thought I would just give a bit of praise to the Norwich BM as the staff are really nice and are really helpful. Just thought i would give a bit of praise where its due as too often we focus on the negative and not mention the positive. :\)

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  • hi everyone.. i work for blooming marvellous and this thing is soo messed up! the reason why u hav been told the website will b back up and we're not closin, is because this is what we have been told! we have been lied too the keep up appearences, we actually found out mainly through our own customers that we were goin under! the aminitators came in today, so hopefully i will find out tomo if my store is closin or not and if i hav a job. as far as i kno 1/2 the shops will b closed and the other 1/2 should stay open. but we shall see.

    i will miss my shop if it is closed my manager and other co-workers are soo nice and fun 2 work with.

    my best to all, and hopefully we will all get our money back x
  • and sorry if other stores r rude.. they must b stupid people stuck in retail all there lives 2 b rude and unhelpful. in my store we are.. or were very nice, dnt get the point of bein rude and its fun helpin u ladies find clothes u feel gd and comfy in and gettin 2 play wiv the babies lol.

    dnt hav a go at the other b.m worker though it is scay to loose ur only income as u can imagen! im sure she was tryin 2 help, as am i. anyways, gd luck wiv ur pregnancys! and if my store stays open i hope 2 c some of u
  • Got my info wrong, no thanks to google!

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  • Sorry, I was a bit blunt, wasn't I, but the poster was a new user, rather than a 'proper' BE forum person. I don't have much sympathy for businesses which are run badly, although it's not the employees' fault and redundancy is horrible. I've been through it myself, but don't expect random strangers to be too sympathetic. I have more sympathy with people who've ordered goods and not received them and who'll have to fight to get money refunded.

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    Hi, I too am an ex BM employee, and I am sorry for not being a "proper" forum person, and didn't realise that this forum was like this towards new people wishing to contribute to a conversation.

    Anyway, I am sorry to hear of people who have orderd goods but not received them. If they haven't been sent, then no money would have been taken. If they have been sent, people may be able to claim via their credit card (some cards will action claims under ??100, please speak to your card provider to clarification)

    As an employee, we did not get paid for January, was advised company going into administration day after it actually did, I was made redundant and advised I would need to claim back my salary, redundancy pay, month in lieu from the government.

    Unfortunately ex staff are also fighting to get money back, and haven't got a job either.

    I don't expect or want any sympathy, but if anyone has any questions that I could possibly help with, I will be glad to answer.
  • I was under the impression that B.M. would be ok after reading this

    "Blooming Marvellous, the 14-store chain set up by Judy Lever and Vivienne Pringle, has been sold to Arev, the Icelandic retail investor for a price believed to be around ??5m.
    The so-called mumtrepreneurs built the chain from scratch in 1983 after failing to find alternatives to frumpy, old-fashioned and tent-like maternity dresses and trousers. Arev plans to increase the number of Blooming Marvellous stores to 25 and position the chain alongside Mamas & Papas, the upmarket family-run retail group, according to an executive close to the company. "

    Hope this helps xxx

    Cat 12+6


    The above quote was from when the company was bought out by the Icelandic investment company in August 2007.

    Unfortunately they never increased the shops but partly due to the Icelandic banking problems, put the company into administration instead! - The company was bought out on Friday, I believe.
  • I've ordered a few bits from BM from the sale section over the last few months for 2 friends of mine who have just had babies and was so dissapointed when the website went down! BUT, I ordered a couple of things for my own baby last weekend and it arrived middle of the week so I'm quite pleased as I've only just read this!
    Like many I'm sure, the reason I shop online at BM only is because the nearest shop to me is 2 hours away. (Think it's either Lakeside or Bluewater) Sorry to anyone who has lost their job, and to those who aren't sure what's happening I hope it works out for you all.
    Kathryn xx


    Glad you were pleased with the service. There should not now be a problem as the company has been bought, so is not in administration.

    Unfortunately the administrators had to cut the head count, and I was one of the many chosen (gawd knows how they chose - they wont tell me what the criteria was - they said they had to reduce costs and it was a "names out of a hat" scenario - makes me feel better..not!)

    It was a lovely company to work for, and I am missing work and my colleagues, and also all the lovely customers.
    Hopefully, I will find another admin job soon, but as I haven't had a pay packet since December (as I said, they didn't have enough money to pay us in January, but didn't tell us until after when payday was due,) I'm hoping for it to be very soon!
  • I am mega disapointed, as I ordered goods before xmas, the money was taken frocm my account and I still have not rec'd anything. I phoned the bath store and the staff were really unhelpful, and told me to email customer service, I did a couple of times and had no reply, I tried ringing a few times no reply. Eventually last week after i saw the website was back up and running I rang their customer service dept. only to be told they couldnt deal with it but I would have to go through the administrator. I am really really annoyed. I appreciate some of you have lost jobs, but I have lost money too, and I cant exactly afford to lose it either.
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