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Migraines and headaches

Can anyone help?

I have had a headache for 6 days solid now and last night it affected the vision in my right eye, it went blurry.

I am drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthily and taking exercise, but it does not seem to stop these headaches.

I did suffer before being pregnant, but almost everything I used to take is of course forbidden now. Paracetemol does absolutely nothing and I am suffering.

Can the doc give me anything else ( I am so loathed to take anything in pregnancy), or do I just have to struggle on?

Thank ladies


  • Hello hun, im not sure if the doctor will do anything but i did suffer with headaches until i was 13 weeks pg how far gone are you?? i would go a day without one then all of a sudden id get another which could easily last 5 days was so painful i had to go sit in a dark room as i could see colours when i blinked etc but now for the past few weeks i havent had a single one so im hoping they have passed!! all i used was cool n soothe migraine pads they were brilliant and helped sooth the thumping loads!
    sorry i wasnt much help just wanted you to know your not alone xxx
  • lemonslice and manologirl doctors now! lol

    You need to see them just incase its a sign of pre eclampsia, bad headaches can be a sign.

    on a lighter note it might also be worth getting your eyes checked. vision sometimes deteriates in pg and that can cause eye strain and make you more prone to headaches

    hope you feel better soon

  • i have terrible migraine and take a lot of medication jsut to keep them at bay while not pregnant and of course as soon as i came off them i started to get them again, i lse my eyesight for up to 3 days at a time and at 11 weeks was admitted to hospital and given pethadine, im now on co-codamol 30/500 but i have to say i refuse to take them as i think they are too strong during pregnancy, i was avised to take tramadol but again i think its too strong and im afraid for the baby at this early stage [15+5]
    I do take 8/500 co-codamol and valoid for the sickness and when it gets unbearable and i lose my eyesight im back in hoapital again, sorry i cant offer much help but most doctors will tell you to try not to take anything [like we are going to if we could help it?!?!?] so i would go see your gp and tell them its unbearable and you cant take it anymore and see if they will help you. x
  • I have been suffering really badly with headaches since I got pregnant and I have just been told I am anaemic which could be the cause. I am on iron supplements so I am hoping they make a difference and will let you know.

    For the time being kool n soothe. xxxx
  • i have always suffered migraines even before I was pregnant. It was awful for the first few months of the pregnancy and the last month now is just as bad but its the hormones and so far I havent been able to find a cure other than to try and sleep it off in a dark room.
    Hope it clears for you all soon xxxxx

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