been dated a week earlier

had my dating scan today and they've dated me at 16+3, i thought i was about 15wks so couldn't believe they've added an extra week on. just have to wait and see if they are right. im now due in july instead of august. the scan was excellent tho, and such a relief to know everything is ok. it's amazing to think that there is a little person growing inside me. hope everyone is well. xx


  • i had the same happen to me but i don't mind as i might see the baby a week earlier than i thought yeah!!!!!

  • try being put back 2 weeks
  • I was convinced i was 13 weeks on my dating scan but was actually only 12+4 so I gained a few extra days to wait till my next scan!


  • Good for you I was put back 3 weeks all but 1 day. Bloody irregular cycles image Glad it went well for you. x

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  • My team don't seem to know when I'm due, according to the scan lady I'm 35 weeks, according to my notes i'm 34+4 but I know when my last period was, so know i'm 34 +0. Who knows when this baby is going to pop out?
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