Growth scan - take your bets please!! UPDATED

Bit of fun really - i have a growth scan 2morrow as little man is measuring 4wks ahead - im 30wks on friday and he measures thought wed have a wager to see what he comes in at :lol:

Take your bets - i think 3lb 10oz....for my sake im hoping im wrong though image

kim 29+4 xxx

Our not so lil man is weighing in at 3lb 8oz - slightly large but nothing worrying...yet - they said there guna keep a close eye on his size but theres no way il be going to term - will know more next week when i speak to my new diabetic consultant and have another scan - babies huge now, she could only show me parts of him at a time, hes head down and ready to go though, so everything is looking good.....image Looks like hel be here march - only 3days and i can say next month! xxxx

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  • oooh good luck honey!
    my first growth scan is a week today - AND we might be finding out the sex after all too!!!
    I don't think Angus will be measuring ahead yet and my lack of bump proves that! Just hope he isn't too small...

    Anyway, I say 3lb 6oz...

    Take care!
  • im going to say 3lb 8oz image i have my midwife apt next week so will get booked in for my growth scan then, im measuring 6 wks ahead, ive got everything crossed that we arent having big babys and we are just podgy lol xxx
  • Ohhhh Joo are you!!!!! I cant wait to find out what your having - altho i thinks its boy bump - but u calling him angus may of given me that feeling!!!

    Lol looks like we all agree that hes guna be big lol - more guesses please!!!! xxxxx
  • Im guessing 4lb 7oz....the reason i say this cause my bubba was measuring at the last growth scan 5lb 3oz at 33 weeks & measuring right with dates.

    I must be carrying a nxt scan is at 36 getting worried now!

    little missie x
    34 + 5
  • I guess 3lbs 3oz.

    Love Sapphire
  • yay i guessed right image thats good that they are keeping a close eye on him and not letting you go to term, hopefully he doesnt get too big xxxx
  • ohh your gonna get your bunnie early grrrrrrrrrrr im jealous :evil: image glad your doing good thou kim an nothings wrong ;\) Fingers crossed for you joo an hannah xxxxxxxxx

    ~*'-'*~ Millions n Billions of PMA ~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~ BabyDust n Sparkles~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~????? Fingers crossed~*'-'*~

  • HI girls,

    can i just ask does everyone get a growth scan?
    Or do they just do them if your bump is big or something?

  • Lisa, I think it varies from Mum to Mum!

    I'm getting mine because I am overweight and my tummy is too large to check the baby's growth the normal way (it is fundal height?).

    Some women have them as past baby's have been big so they need to see if the new baby will be big too!

    Others get sent randomly if the midwife thinks they are measuring too big or too small (using the fundal height thingy I think).

    Joo xxx
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